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Ephesoft Solution Overview

Ephesoft Enterprise Solution Overview

More than 80% of business information is trapped in unstructured content—our goal is to identify the information you need without manual data entry and make that data actionable.

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Ephesoft Technical Overview

Ephesoft Enterprise Technical Overview

Ephesoft’s uniquely powerful algorithms leverage Restful API’s to extract critical data, and operates on a lightweight Java workflow engine that requires only minimal server overhead and utilization,

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Advanced Reporting Module

Ephesoft Enterprise Advanced Reporting

Identify & reduce manual data corrections, monitor system performance over time, and capture information about the correction process to identify where potential bottlenecks may occur.

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Ephesoft Enterprise Multitenant Architecture

Individual instances of software running on a server or server cluster, while the server is able to support multiple separate clients (tenants) individually, without sharing each other’s information.

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