Unlock Unstructured Datato Accelerate Digital Transformation

High-speed capture and extraction uncover useful content right away.

How It Works

1. Capture

any type of document, from any source.

2. Classify

content accurately with supervised machine learning.

3. Extract

metadata from documents.

4. Validate

results, including receiving alerts on errors and exceptions.

5. Deliver

data automatically to your ERP, CRM, RPA and other LOB apps.

Unstructured data is what Ephesoft does. This data is a challenge for digital transformation – you have a wealth of valuable content, but no way to put it to work. Most of this data is rich in untapped value and it continues to grow as your organization grows. If you’re not able to extract meaningful value from it today, let Ephesoft help.


Enable intelligent document capture when and where you need it.

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Ephesoft Transact

Unlocks valuable data trapped in paper forms, PDFs and content repositories.

Convert unstructured content into useful data that accelerates business processes and empowers digital transformation.

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Process larger volumes of documents cost-effectively with higher performance.

Safely and securely offload resource-intensive processes to dramatically increase document throughput.

Ephesoft Mobile

Enable your mobile workforce to capture content from a mobile device.

Drive higher productivity with our SDK for your own app or use preconfigured apps for iOS and Android.

Bank on a performance boost. Accelerate processes and reduce costs for cumbersome manual workflows like loan origination and customer onboarding.

Process claims with confidence. Spark customer engagement with automated, real-time classification of customer-supplied documents.

Make your invoices less outstanding. Accelerate AP with automation that quickly recognizes and processes thousands of invoices without the need for vendor-specific templates.

Powering Enterprise Content Capture and Data Discovery

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eBook: The 6 Essential Elements of Document Capture Technology

In today’s world, where instant data access, business intelligence, security and efficiency are critical to success, many companies are realizing that valuable data is trapped in their documents. Learn how to liberate meaning from your documents in the cloud or on-premises with this informative guide.

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