How to Stay Relevant and Profitable Amidst Document Capture Acquisitions

Originally only available to professional members of the AIIM community, this valuable AIIM Webinar for Resellers discussing strategies to maintain profitable vendor and technology partner relationships is now available through Ephesoft.

How can service companies sell into the ever changing environment of document capture acquisitions?  How can they be more effective?  Watch Now

Some of our relationships, such as Zia Consulting, stretch back 10 years or more – and for good reason.  Pat Myers, Vice President and Co-Founder of  Zia Consulting Inc, and Tim Dubes, Director of Marketing for Ephesoft discuss strategies and solutions that work for growing and maintaining long term, profitable partnerships.

Webinar Insights

  • Diversify your product portfolio while maintaining subject matter expertise
  • Secure recurring revenue while expanding your customer base
  • Stay ahead of new technology trends that influence your customer decisions
  • Review and evaluate vendor relationships to ensure long-term synergy
  • Protect your investment in capture expertise and assure a strong base for continued revenue growth

“In a very short time, we already have several customers in production on N.Scope,” said Ronald Kerkhof, Sales Manager at Nokavision. “With Ephesoft’s advanced capture technology we are able to identify invoices and extract data without generating complex scripting.  Ephesoft’s Version 4.0 is a big step forward and shows even faster results and user interface improvements.”