Thomas Yeh Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Thomas Yeh

As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Thomas Yeh, Sr. Software Engineer

Thomas Yeh Employee Spotlight1 year, 2 months at Ephesoft

Thomas Yeh’s job at Ephesoft fell into his lap shortly after a recruiter introduced him to CEO Ike Kavas and the VP of Engineering. He had previously been in the capture industry as an integration partner that added value to the medical and healthcare fields with a competitive product. Therefore, his industry knowledge combined with his technical expertise made him a great fit.

“When I joined, it was an exciting period for me because I saw a problem that I could fix and make an impact,” said Thomas. When he joined, Thomas began working on Ephesoft Transact Mobile SDK and creating code for edge detection. Coding edge detection is difficult and a necessary feature for capturing documents and data. “My favorite part of the job is researching and discovering how to solve problems. The edge detection was a feature I created that I was especially proud of.” Thomas went on to work on the mobile products for versions 4.0, 4.1 and 4.5.

Currently, he is working on several projects in cloud environments. There is a growing demand from Ephesoft customers wanting to benefit from using our cloud platform. Scalability, flexibility and no hardware and maintenance costs are the most appealing reasons for wanting to move to the cloud. IDC predicts that “by 2020, public IT cloud services will account for 58% of the $355 billion combined spending on traditional plus public cloud applications, development and deployment tools, infrastructure software, storage, and servers,” so it makes sense that this shift will result in more intelligent features and functionality. “Having the opportunity to work on different types of projects, especially in the cloud, is something that’s exciting and relevant since technology is changing at such a fast pace,” said Thomas.

“Teamwork is an important part of Engineering. Everyone understands that they are part of a chain and that your work is needed by the next person down the chain. So, we all work hard for each other,” explained Thomas. In his opinion, the product plans are realistic, attainable and risks are mitigated.

Looking back, after attending college in Taiwan, he moved to Indiana where he achieved his Master’s degree in Computer Science and met his wife. They made their way to Silicon Valley and then moved to Southern California about 13 years ago. He spends time with 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son, who are both musically talented: his daughter plays the French horn and piano, playing with an orchestra, and his son plays piano. In his free time, Thomas teaches middle school and high school students coding. He mentors these kids who often compete in national coding and technology events “and they do really well!”

Ephesoft Transact Release

Ephesoft Transact is Available

Today, Ephesoft unveiled the latest release of Ephesoft Transact The new version release boasts multiple new features and enhancements that build on version’s robust functionality and flexibility.

Top 5 Features and Benefits:

  1. This latest version easily enables the cloud-based Ephesoft Transact 4Mortgage vertical solution greater usability. The Ephesoft Transact 4Mortgage includes over 600 loan origination document types that are already trained and configured for classification with Ephesoft Transact. This allows mortgage finance customers to save up to 2,000 hours of implementation time or approximately an 80% reduction in configuration and deployment times for an entire enterprise, from several months to just weeks. Lenders, loan officers and mortgage processors using Transact 4Mortgage will enjoy improved accuracy and efficiency to close more loans within days, instead of weeks or months.
  2. Great code is crucial for modern businesses, and the best way for us to connect and share data is through OpenAPIs. With version, our Swagger UI support allows modern, easier, self-documented Web Services for developers. Additionally, this technology is used to create two advanced workflow Web Services OpenAPIs for both Nintex and Microsoft Flow. JSON technology (JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight data-interchange format, is used, making it easier for humans to read and write and it’s easy for machines to parse and generate. These features benefit both developers and non-developers alike by leveraging Ephesoft Transact to classify documents and extract information via a simple Web Services interface. Users can now quickly add document capture functions to applications, removing the need for manual data entry or human intervention and increasing efficiency, accuracy and time savings.
  3. The Microsoft Exchange Header Support feature is now available for support on both on-premise and cloud platforms. Users can now configure Transact to ingest documents through Microsoft Exchange and leverage EWS for header metadata within the batch.xml file. Adding on-premise support provides more availability to customers and expedites processing through the system.
  4. Ephesoft Transact offers PDF/A-1b Compliance and supports searchable single and multi-page PDFs in both black and white as well as color. The enhancement helps customers put in place more advanced archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents into their repositories.
  5. Significant performance improvements have been made to the Fixed Form Extraction process for Windows, often used for data extraction from checkboxes and signature detection. Customers using 16 cores will see improvements up to 70% to 80% while users of 32 core systems will see impressive improvements up to 250% up to 300% performance gains. The faster processing of pages per minute allows companies to quickly access their data, make more informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.  

“Our goal is to make enterprise content capture and data discovery from unstructured data easily accessible and meaningful for decision-makers worldwide,” said Ike Kavas, Founder and CEO at Ephesoft. “Pioneering advantageous features that improve our customers’ business processes is what we do, and our latest version of Ephesoft Transact helps achieve that customer success.”

Contact us for a demo or more information about Ephesoft Transact

Employee Spotlight: Susanne Kandler

As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Susanne Kandler, Field Marketing Manager, EMEA

1 year at Ephesoft

In a small town, with a historic castle and a blue lake, outside of Frankfurt, Germany, Susanne Kandler works marketing magic remotely for the EMEA region of Ephesoft. A little over a year ago, she was seeking a new job opportunity and found a job posting for a Field Marketing Manager at Ephesoft. She was instantly fascinated by the possibility of working with multiple countries and languages, developing the EMEA marketing function, and managing all aspects of marketing (and not just one specialty) as compared to what often happens in medium and large companies.

After interviewing with multiple people at Ephesoft, it is a mutual great fit! “Ephesoft has a great team. I work very closely with our US-based marketing team and our local sales team throughout Europe,” Susanne explained. “Everyone is very positive and focused on moving forward. The most important part of my job is the people, but additionally, I believe in the product and the company vision.”

Susanne’s favorite part of the job is the variation of all the marketing activities. She enjoys working on case studies, events and campaigns the best, but does a myriad of activities from advertising, public relations, collateral, communications, work in Salesforce, website, SEO and lots of translation from English to German and French to support those countries. “I like how flexible the product is. Interviewing and working on case studies with our partners and customers gives me insight as to how many use cases there are for our smart document capture technology.”

The variety of marketing activities can also be a challenging part of Susanne’s role. Managing the time spent on each country, prioritizing diverse projects,  and installing processes keeps her very busy. For example, when rolling out demand generation programs and campaigns, she’s got to juggle all the other activities that are coinciding with those. “I have so many things I want to do, but time is limited,” she explained. As Ephesoft continues to grow, the juggling will continue, but that’s also what keeps her job exciting!

Her ability to multitask and her passion for marketing evolved from many experiences throughout her life. Born in the beautiful, medieval city of Aachen, Germany, she moved around the country often as a child. Before attending the university, she moved to Paris as an au pair for one year. In Paris, she loved the people and language, which solidified her decision to pursue a career in marketing. “Marketing is a cross-section and combination of pairing creativity with business and working with many people across many countries.” At the University of Mannheim, housed in a Baroque palace along the Rhine River, Susanne received a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and Logistics.

Susanne speaks fluent German, French, English and a lower level of Spanish, which she uses in her many travels. She’s been to almost every country in Europe, and has had amazing travel experiences in Namibia, Africa seeing animals, New Zealand, Australia and parts of the United States, with highlights in San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. In all of these countries, she felt welcomed. One example in Yosemite was when nearby campers invited Susanne and her family to try smores for the first time! For those of you not familiar with smores, or s’mores short for “some more,” they are a traditional camping dessert with fire-roasted, gooey marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers on the outside holding it all together like a sandwich. Meeting other people in her travels and learning their culture has led to great experiences like this one.

Susanne and her husband have a 14-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter, so they attend many of their sports and other activities. In her spare time, she loves painting, gardening, hiking and skiing. She even successfully attempted surfing last year!

Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage Awarded Trend-Setting Product for 2018

KMWorld recently awarded Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage as a Trend-Setting Product for 2018. Ephesoft Transact is a leading enterprise content capture and data discovery solution in the cloud or on-premise. Organizations use Ephesoft’s platform to automate any document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Ephesoft Transact turns unstructured content into actionable information for decision-makers worldwide using our patented supervised machine learning technology.

“In designating products to KMWorld’s 2018 list of Trend-Setting Products, we looked for solutions that are inventive as well as utilitarian, that break new ground, and that help organizations achieve their knowledge management goals and the digital transformation they need to thrive,” said Tom Hogan, group publisher of KMWorld. “The offerings on our list result from innovation, imagination, and evolution. They reflect the ingenuity of the developers and the diversity of invention.” 

“I’m thrilled that Ephesoft Transact is recognized as one of KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products once again,” said Ike Kavas, CEO at Ephesoft. “We take pride in incorporating our customer’s data intelligence and capture challenges with our vision, R&D and engineering. Our goal is to keep ahead of the curve using the latest tools to help our customers drive success.”

The new Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage solution is a cloud-based modular platform pre-trained to recognize and classify more than 600 mortgage document types, dramatically accelerating processing speeds for mortgage lenders who opt to bundle the Ephesoft Transact platform with this tailored classification solution.

As the first vertical-specific product from Ephesoft, Transact for Mortgage enables underwriters and mortgage loan processors to upload loan documents into a batch class, which automatically and accurately classifies and separates documents, before validating and exporting them into loan origination systems like Ellie Mae and Mortgage Cadence, along with others. The system automatically recognizes where each document starts and stops within large multi-file PDFs, splitting up individual document types. This new out-of-the-box mortgage software eliminates the hefty professional services fees or internal IT investment required to manually categorize appraisals, lease agreements, tax returns and hundreds of other document types found in mortgage applications.

Large and mid-sized banks, lenders and other mortgage processing organizations using Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage will see configuration and deployment times for an entire enterprise reduced by an estimated 80 percent, from several months to just weeks. Lenders, loan officers and mortgage processors using Transact for Mortgage will enjoy improved accuracy and efficiency to close more loans within days, instead of weeks or months.

Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage provides unprecedented workflow efficiency by automatically determining which documents are needed to process loans and which are ancillary, such as the cover pages, blank sheets of paper and invoices often attached to appraisal documents. Ephesoft does the heavy lifting, removing extraneous content and focusing on high-value documents that can be categorized into batches such as lease agreements, tax returns, loan applications and disclosures. Transact for Mortgage also primes relevant documents for data extraction and business insight providing customers with the option to apply Ephesoft’s patented supervised machine learning for broader use. For more information about Ephesoft’s scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and Transact for Mortgage, visit

Ephesoft will be at KMWorld’s Enterprise Search & Discovery conference November 6-8 in Washington, D.C. Please contact us at if you would like to schedule a meeting or demo at the show.

5 Benefits of Implementing Digital Mailroom Solutions

Your mailroom is the source of a surprising amount of slow-downs, added costs, and barriers for teamwork. However, all of these pains can be easily rectified by switching to a digital mailroom.

Here are 5 ways that digital mailroom solutions benefit you:

1. Saving the Environment

There's no denying that the health of our planet is on the mind of many businesses and consumers today. Many feel it our responsibility to ensure the world's ecosystems are preserved and are pushing businesses to adopt practices that have a smaller carbon footprint.

This drive to protect our environment can be felt across all industries both B2B and B2C, and it's no longer a "nice to have" aspect of your business but a factor that plays into purchasing decisions. Customers can, and will, choose a competitor's product if they feel it's the better choice for the environment.

This is doesn’t begin to cover any industry regulations that may require you to implement more eco-friendly practices.

Implementing a digital mailroom is one of the few ways your business will become environmentally friendly, without major costs or any lost time regarding your team's efficiency. It's often the best place to start for creating a paperless environment as it's likely your company's main source of incoming paper.

2. Reduced Operational Costs

Paper is expensive to purchase, store, and manage. You likely have a clerk or several clerks dedicated to managing the physical incoming and outgoing mail. This manual process costs you time and energy, and that's not all.

Once they've organized and processed all documents, they need to be stored and distributed on-premise or offsite at another secure, and expensive, location. Internally, this creates additional equipment costs, takes up valuable square footage in your office, and is terribly inefficient. Offsite document storage and retention is very expensive and highly inefficient when you need critical information now.

Think of all the times an important paper is lost requiring your employees to take time out of their regularly assigned tasks to find it.

This means it is pricey in multiple regards, all of which can be removed by implementing a digital mailroom. In a digital mailroom your files will be immediately searchable, making the process of finding a document much easier. The mail can be processed automatically with OCR software, which means that you no longer require an overstaffed team of clerks so they can be put on other revenue-generating activities instead.

3. Improved Customer Service

You've likely already guessed the above benefits, so why not discuss one you likely didn't realize: improved customer service.

Traditional mailrooms take time to process incoming information, which is a problem for customers who need to get serviced as soon as possible. With a digital mailroom, incoming information will be automatically sorted by:

  • Level of importance
  • Subject matter
  • Who's best able to respond

This automatic sorting will help your support team move faster and offer better responses than before, not only making happier customers, but saving you even more money in the process.

4. Compliance

As compliance and regulations become increasingly important, more industries are requiring paperless offices. Companies are insisting on processes and procedures for document management practices to improve security and privacy at nearly every touch point for sensitive customer and company data. A digital mailroom solution will help to ensure that your business is conforming to the regulations set within its industry, as well as help with audits.

Most people only invest when it’s too late. Being proactive will save you from a massive headaches and extraordinary fines down the road, so it's not a benefit to take lightly.

5. More Interdepartmental Cooperation

Another surprising benefit of implementing a digital mailroom is the ability to increase your team's cooperation. Information held on physical paper documents present many issues for sharing with others as they could get lost or damaged, are hard to keep track of, and may be cumbersome to give to another team or staff member or keep from prying eyes.

Digital mailrooms have the ability to overcome all of those issues making communication and cooperation between teams at your company far easier. Thanks to the power of the PDF file, internal departments can avoid pitfalls commonly associated with digital documents like formatting errors and security.


As you can see, there are several powerful benefits of utilizing digital mailroom solutions. However, these benefits aren't just achieved with just any solution or random technologies. They require a partner who can create an efficient and easy to use digital mailroom. Otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing few benefits from the change other than industry compliance, and even then, an improperly setup solution could be non-compliant as well!

About the Author

Derek Gerber, Director of Marketing, represents ActivePDF’s .NET PDF APIs and digital transformation solutions on-site and in the cloud.

The Top 5 Reasons to be an Ephesoft Channel Partner

As a reseller of IT products and services, it’s often hard to pinpoint which technology vendor you should guide your prized customers to use. The world used to seem safer, where resellers could go to a big company with a suite of products, even though some of the tools were not as good as other more specialized technologies provided by smaller companies. Fortunately, for customers, that’s no longer the case. Current technology allows easy integration directly into business systems, including ECM platforms, RPA platforms and more. It’s truly a “best-of-breed” approach now.

Let’s look at why over 250 channel, global alliance, delivery, technology and OEM partners have chosen to partner with Ephesoft.

Reason #1

Partnership isn’t just a catchphrase at Ephesoft. We understand that we need you to help deliver our solutions. We won’t grow without your help. You are an extension of our sales team and an essential part of our business model. We are continuously looking to improve our relationships, support, marketing efforts, lead distribution and technology to help your business grow. We believe in mutual success, but more importantly, we believe in customer success.

Reason #2

We’re a modern and innovative company. No more installation on desktops, no more click charges and no more paying for each feature you need, as our stagnant competitors do. In fact, because we disrupted a stale industry 8 years ago, our CEO is committed to releasing new and impactful tech every 2 years, in addition to regularly scheduled enhancements and fixes. With our commitment to challenge the status quo, our founder and CEO received a patent for his supervised machine learning capabilities for classification, data extraction and multi-dimensional analysis. Our vision includes taking full advantage of the cloud.

Reason #3

Integrations are a main “ingredient” so our customers can use best-of-breed technology. Ephesoft’s Web Services OpenAPIs help simplify the workload for our partners. Our open architecture for Windows or Linux is the basis for connecting to almost any other system. Stated more eloquently, our system can talk to any other system in the cloud or on-premise, allowing our customers optimum flexibility and scalability. We fit into your customer’s infrastructure instead of forcing them into ours.

Reason #4

Yes, you guessed it. Ephesoft’s Smart Capture platform was the first web-based tool with both cloud and on-premise offering for the enterprise capture market. Easy access to meet every organizations’ smart document capture business objectives.

Reason #5

Everyone wants metrics. We have case studies to prove that our software increases accuracy, efficiency, productivity and saves money. We also have proven, strategic partnerships in place to validate our solutions, such as being a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner and being selected as one of 11 preferred charter members for their new Content Services Partner program. At BoxWorks, Ephesoft’s technology was debuted alongside three other vendors – IBM, Microsoft and Amazon – for Box Skills. And partners like Blue Prism, Quest Diagnostics, HP, Infor, Nintex and many others work closely with us.

In summary, Ephesoft offers innovation, automation, value, speed and flexibility. Ephesoft helps large organizations that are drowning in high volumes of high-value documents – documents that often initiate and accelerate vital business processes. Can your customers benefit from Smart Capture® technology? We know the true meaning of partnership and invite you to take this journey with us.

Employee Spotlight: Alastair Allars

As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Alastair Allars, Solution Engineer, APAC

1 year at Ephesoft

The first words out of Alastair Allars’ mouth were, “It’s great here.” As our first Solution Engineer hired in the APAC region, he was recruited by our Vice President, APJ Andy Rootes, with whom he had worked before at Kofax as a Partner Development Manager. The opportunity to help build and support an entire region piqued his interest. As he moved through the interview stage with others at Ephesoft he was “blown away by the enthusiasm and desire to succeed.” It wasn’t just about the challenge of taking Ephesoft to the next level, but he felt that the employees he spoke to were like a family, with everyone marching down the road together.

Recalling his experience at his previous job, where he worked for 7 years, he considered it a bad working environment with poor communication as evidenced by the fact that he had never spoken to the CEO in his entire time there. After accepting the job at Ephesoft, he flew from his home in Australia to Ephesoft’s headquarters in Southern California for training. Upon arrival, the CEO called him and invited Alastair out to dinner with him and his wife. The open friendliness exuded by the entire executive team impressed him.

As a Solution Engineer, Alastair travels throughout the entire APAC region, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand along with other countries. His favorite countries are Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Due to his frequent travels, he is now recognized at the airport by some of the workers! Because of the large region, the travel can be tiring, but it’s also what he loves about his job. “Experiencing different cultures and different approaches to use our software is fantastic. I’ve gotten to learn many of the cultural differences and greetings that differ with each country.”

In the past year, he’s seen great achievements in the region with tremendous growth in multiple areas ranging from the largest banks, government institutions, pharmaceutical companies to car financing and commercial companies. A common challenge for regional offices is often the lack of support and communication, but this has not been the case at Ephesoft. “Teamwork is fantastic at Ephesoft!” stated Alastair. He explained that he gets great support both locally and from his international colleagues in EMEA and from headquarters in the US.

“The best part about Ephesoft is the people and the way we work. We concentrate on what we’re best at. The company vision is focused. We’re best-of-breed and working with other best-of-breed partners to offer customers the best, most innovative solutions. We’re not just good, but brilliant!”

Work isn’t Alastair’s only passion. Born in Northern Ireland and growing up in England, he is a fan of almost every sport. He loves boxing, and hopes to compete one day in the Master’s Games (an “old people’s” boxing competition), although his daughter is wary of this! He loves rugby, football (aka soccer in the US) and going to the gym. After working on a project for Coca-Cola in Australia, he fell in love with the country and convinced his family to move there 14 years ago. They now live on the Central Coast outside of Sydney, so he spends a lot of time going to the beach and playing with his three granddaughters, ages 1, 2 and 7 years. And, being a well-rounded person, he loves music and telling very bad “dad” jokes to his kids.

Employee Spotlight: Chris MacWilliams

As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Chris MacWilliams, Sr. Sales Engineer

6 years at Ephesoft

Chris MacWilliams, who is commonly known as “CMAC” around the office, is an Orange County native and currently leads the sales engineering team in the United States at Ephesoft. He attended Principia College in Illinois and graduated with a degree in Business as his major and two minors in Economics and Asian Studies. The Asian Studies program included a 10-week study abroad program in Mongolia and China, so he gladly packed his bags.

Mongolia means the “land of blue sky” and he described the land as big open space with skylines that went as far as the eye could see. Part of the trip was an unforgettable experience where he intentionally wanted to get pickpocketed in their renowned black market. He set out with a cheap wallet and not much money with a friend on the program. It took six pickpockets to create a distraction, take his wallet and pass it off to other people in on the theft. In the end, since he had been expecting it, he confronted the thief who admitted he was caught, and then returned the wallet without the money.

In college, he was captivated and intrigued by alternative energy, and began experimenting building his own prototypes. After graduating during the recession in 2009, he found it challenging to find a job in business, so he set his sights on reinventing himself as an entrepreneur. He began tinkering around and developed a wind turbine made from sails. Unfortunately, that didn’t take off.

In 2012, he joined Ephesoft when it had only about 4 people in a tiny, start-up space and he squeezed into an office with Ike. Since that time, the company has grown, and he’s seen Ephesoft move locations four times. After a few years, Chris craved new experiences outside of Orange County, and with the need for Ephesoft to develop representation and customer support on the East Coast, Chris found himself with an opportunity to move. This took him to a remote, country lake area in Georgia, followed by the Research Triangle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and then to St. Louis where his sister lived, and his son was born.

When Ephesoft’s first round of funding from Mercato Partners finalized in 2017, Ike asked him to move back and lead the US sales engineering team. “My favorite thing about Ephesoft is the people are top notch,” Chris explained. “Since Ephesoft recently defined our core values, it resonates with me and helps me find the right talent in interviews. I consider myself a ‘builder and a fixer’ and really like the culture here.”

As a Sr. Sales Engineer, Chris not only manages his team, but he works closely with customers, prospects, does live product demos and holds a deep understanding of Ephesoft technology. “In my role and department, you have to love the technology and love the customer. I’m always looking for team members who enjoy the challenge of being both passionate about customer success, and get a thrill from selling software.” Chris explained that it’s a challenge to find the right people due to this unique mix of skills. He’s currently focused on building his team to support the company growth.

One quote that Chris strives to incorporate into his professional and personal life is from a podcast by Jocko, a retired Navy Seal, “the more disciplined you are, the freer you can be.” Chris explained that he knows when you work hard and keep being diligent, it pays off, so he looks for ways to incorporate this goal.

Similar to his work, Chris says he’s “always building and tinkering with stuff” in his free time. For example, he used Raspberry Pi technology to build a baby monitor. Woodworking has become a fun and therapeutic hobby and he focuses on 3D modeling before building. “It’s a cool way to decompress. Unlike software that has hidden problems, woodworking is more straightforward,” stated Chris. He likes learning about the many types of wood and its texture. Another podcast by Guy Roz called “How I Built This,” interviews creators and entrepreneurs, and pushes Chris to embrace his creative, technical side. Best of all, outside of work, Chris loves being a dad to his 11-month-old son with his wife and taking advantage of their season passes to Disneyland.

Employee Spotlight: Heather Brunelli

As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know some of our team members and enjoy many more to come.

Heather Brunelli, Director of Professional Services & Education

Almost 4 years at Ephesoft

Heather Brunelli joined Ephesoft in 2014, just a few years after its founding when the office could barely hold 10 people. Despite a long track record of success at larger companies, she ached for growth and yearned to make an impact that only a start-up would allow. In the world of corporations and machinery, Heather has always been more than “just a number.”

Dream BIG.

These are the words that Heather has lived by. From growing up in Crown Point, Indiana, to attending Purdue University and Valparaiso University (double majoring in Math and Education), to seizing new opportunities in California. 

Heather was Ephesoft’s first Project Manager. In the early days, she was handling up to 11 implementation projects at a time. Despite the overwhelming challenges that come with start-ups, Heather has successfully navigated each obstacle with an open approach in learning and collaboration. “We’re an international company. The customers are knocking. The team is exploding. Timelines are crazy. Cultural communication is huge. I need to manage up. I need to manage down. I learn and grow every single day.” It is through this vigor and commitment to growth that Heather has become a key executive, serving as Director of Professional Services and Education. Under her leadership, a team of 14 employees scattered throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, helps customers streamline processes and boost productivity.

In addition to playing a critical role in customer success, Heather assisted in creating the Ephesoft events committee to help build the Ephesoft culture while adding value to our local community. “Work doesn’t always have to be serious all the time. It’s great to be able to spend time with co-workers with whom we may not always work closely outside of the office. It’s another way of bonding, while also adding value to our community.”

With a “work hard, play hard” mentality, Heather spends her free time planning for new adventures while exploring the beaches, art scene, and amazing restaurants, right outside her doorstep in Laguna Beach. Living in Southern California allows her to easily enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and is currently training for a 10k run with one of her co-workers.

“One of the reasons I joined Ephesoft is that our executive team encourages you to grow. My voice is heard, and my opinions are valued. I get to help put systems into place, build an amazing team and contribute to a thriving business. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without the support of my team. I consider myself lucky to be a part of this growing company.”

Financial Services Firm Does More with Less Using Ephesoft and Box Solutions

Based in New York, a global private equity firm had its sights focused on its own growth. With more than 1,700 corporate accounts and managing over 500 legal entities, the Firm generated many documents. Staff in their accounting department needed to spend one week every month manually processing all the statements. The results of this error-prone process were unstructured files stored on shared drives, making it difficult to search for and find required documents.  

Another challenge with their process was that the company often needed to share the files and statements with internal and external teams. The Firm has many field offices, so when they needed to access the bank statements, they had to map drives from headquarters to the other locations. They also needed to share files with their investors and other stakeholders, so they installed Box to give them a collaboration tool in the cloud that provides easier access.

Box’s platform enabled them to eliminate the archaic shared drive system and start saving their statements in the cloud. But they were still using manual processes for saving files, couldn’t easily find the data and didn’t have an organized file structure. The Firm’s CIO found a demo video of Ephesoft and Box created by Micro Strategies and turned to them for help.

Micro Strategies, based in New Jersey, is a technology solutions and services provider that supports organizations worldwide. They are solution focused experts in the financial services sector, but also focus on corporate legal, legal firms, life sciences, healthcare, public sector and professional services industries. After watching the video, the Firm knew they needed to take Box to the next level with automation.

Micro Strategies explained how, with the right technology in place, they could help automate the entire process. In 2017, Ephesoft and Box formed a strategic technology partnership and announced the industry’s first purely cloud-based solution. Using a combination of their application tools, the system can automatically look for new .zip files, pull these files and extract them into Ephesoft for content capture, classification, extraction and export the metadata using Ephesoft Web Services APIs into Box. The metadata from the bank statements included data like account number, statement dates, account type or account with [name] and ending balance. Within Box, the system would determine if a folder had already been created, or not. If the right folder existed, the system would export the metadata, and if not, the system would create a new folder with the right structure for the incoming documents.

The large private equity firm marveled at the solution and quickly moved forward. Micro Strategies began working on the business logic and folder structure. Implementation in the cloud has begun on a Microsoft Azure instance and the entire project is expected to progress in 8 weeks or less.

“Working with Ephesoft and Box has been great. We found that Ephesoft’s innovative, cloud technology is on the forefront of the enterprise capture industry with highly responsive support from the executive level down to sales, marketing and technical support,” said Adam Storch, Vice President of Business Solutions at Micro Strategies.

The Firm has been preparing this first phase of automation as they plan to double their growth in a short time frame. Their goal is to give their investors and customers the best services (and returns!) possible, while being able to do more with less.  By automating the Micro Strategies solution, Ephesoft’s patented supervised machine learning smart content capture platform, and Box’s flexible and scalable repository and collaboration environment, the company expects to keep their operational expenses low while adding exceptional value and achieving both a quick and robust ROI. In fact, they are already discussing their next departmental use case for legal contracts.

“The combined solution of Box and Ephesoft was a natural fit for our customer,” stated Mitch Gabor, Director, Sales at Micro Strategies. “Customers no longer need a one-stop-shop. Using cutting-edge cloud technology gives organizations the opportunity to become more efficient, productive and cost effective, while reducing time-consuming, unnecessary manual processes. Additionally, Microsoft Azure helps our customers easily manage their business in the cloud and deploy innovative applications like Box and Ephesoft. Even better, the strong partnerships between Micro Strategies, Box, Microsoft and Ephesoft make it easy to bring success to our customers.”

For more information on Ephesoft, Micro Strategies, Box or Microsoft solutions, please email or visit any of us at BoxWorks on August 28-30, 2018 in San Francisco.


See what digital transformation technology can do at BoxWorks 2018

The future of work and digital transformation will be the theme for this year at BoxWorks on August 29-30 in San Francisco. Ephesoft and many of its partners are sponsors and will be available to speak to you about how we can support smart decisions with smart data through our Smart Capture® technology. Last year, Ephesoft was selected alongside Google, Microsoft and IBM for our AI-based, supervised machine learning technology that debuted as part of Box Skills. This year, our capabilities have advanced even further with our most recent release of Ephesoft Transact, which can be accessed on-premise or in the cloud.

Ephesoft and Box joined forces in 2017 to provide joint customers with the industry’s first purely cloud-based solution. Ephesoft’s Smart Capture® platform makes meaning out of unstructured data for decision-makers worldwide. Ephesoft helps enterprises capture, classify, extract and export data into Box, so customers can quickly and easily find and access data they need.

We invite you visit us and our partners at BoxWorks:

Ephesoft: Booth B8

Canon: Booth P2

Micro Strategies: Booth S8

Microsoft: S1

Nintex: Booth D2

Reva Solutions: Booth S3

Zia Consulting: Booth D1

Let us help you with your cloud document and data digital transformation. If you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of our sales team, please email

Ephesoft is Selected as a Charter Partner for Microsoft Content Services Partner Program

Last week at Microsoft Inspire, the largest Microsoft partner conference, Microsoft committed to redefining ECM “to serve the modern customer needs ranging from highly document-centric industries, to critical compliance-focused scenarios, to collaborative organizations.” While Microsoft offers many platforms, software and services, they rely on partners to provide best-of-breed, intelligent end-to-end solutions to address the diverse needs of their customers. Charter Partner members were selected for specific skills in content services experience: advisory services, implementation, migration, capture, workflow, compliance and extensions.

Ephesoft was chosen as one of eleven charter partners for their new program based on our AI, supervised machine learning technology for enterprise content capture and data discovery. “Ephesoft’s commitment to customer success and delivering innovative solutions with Microsoft products, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Azure, will drive results,” explained Stephen Boals, Vice President, Business Development at Ephesoft.

Ephesoft issued a press release at Microsoft Inspire about our new APIs that enable simplified integration and document capture for OpenAPI-compliant applications, including workflow applications that use Microsoft Flow. Ephesoft Web Services technology marks the first Swagger/OpenAPI-compliant document capture integration, making it possible for developers and non-developers alike to leverage Ephesoft Transact to classify documents and extract information via a simple web services interface. Users can quickly add document capture functions to applications, removing the need for manual data entry or human intervention.

“We are excited to enable the simplified integration of Ephesoft Transact document capture solutions, which provide more process automation functionality for Microsoft Flow customers and other OpenAPI-compliant workflow applications,” said Warren Wilbee, senior director, ISV Recruiting, Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Inspire is a venue in which we encourage Microsoft partners such as Ephesoft to introduce and discuss innovative solutions to evolve business processes, and we welcome the collaboration.”

At Ephesoft, we are driven to provide continuous innovation that supports smart decisions with smart data. “We are thrilled to be recognized by Microsoft as a Charter Partner Member. Many of our customers work in Microsoft environments and understand the power and efficiency that both solutions bring together,” commented Stephen Boals.