Ephesoft Transact is a leading enterprise content capture and data discovery platform designed to make customer documents and data easily accessible and usable. Not only is this latest version ready and stacked with new value-added features, but you may have noticed a new naming convention. Moving forward, Ephesoft Transact versions will be named by year, followed by what quarter they are released. The change is to help our customers keep up with the latest versions and make it easier to track updates.

On to the good stuff – what’s new to this release and why should I update to the latest version? Here are six highlighted features:


Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender

Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender – This first-of-its-kind, add-on, hybrid solution bridges the gap between on-premise and cloud, so customers can gain over 1,000% processing speed by delegating the OCR function into the cloud, which is the most resource-intensive step in the capture process. This hybrid solution can only be used with Ephesoft Transact 2019.1.

The Cloud HyperExtender is ideal for companies and organizations with demand peaks in their business operations, which stress the infrastructure for document intelligence caused by either unpredictable or predictable seasonal volumes. Examples include retailers’ invoices and credit card applications during Cyber Monday and other shopping holidays; tax firms’ form processing during tax season; mortgage lender applications or loans during prime real estate seasons; and insurance company claims after a natural disaster.


eText Processing

eText Processing – eText processing increases the accuracy of text extraction in this version of Ephesoft Transact. The functionality leverages electronic text layers present in (some) programmatically generated PDFs, which ultimately results in 100% accuracy for text extraction.  Because this capability yields 100% accuracy, customers will experience overall lower validation levels and lower human touch points (usually there are other document types that don’t have text layers), which save time and lower costs.


Batch Completion Pop-up

Batch Completion Popup – With Ephesoft Transact 2019.1, operators now have easier access to the relevant batch information when completing a manual audit log. A popup dialog provides a variety of data to the user at the end of a batch being scanned, thereby improving productivity and reducing compliance costs.


Batch .xml changes

Batch.XML Changes –  Changes to the Batch.XML document format enhance the code maintainability and provide additional audit data collected during the processing of batches. These capabilities reduce TCO and increase the level of process visibility and auditability.


Expedited Export

Expedited Export – The name, Expedited Export, gives a clear idea of what this feature entails: accelerated document processing. Customers can select one, multiple or all documents ready for export, without having to wait for all the documents in a batch to be completed. This enables greater flexibility and ensures that documents are processed as soon as possible, helping to achieve and maintain SLAs.


Enhanced Machine Learning

Enhanced Machine Learning – Ephesoft Transact 2019.1 introduces even smarter machine learning algorithm models for invoicing. English, German and French are supported, and it focuses on improved and faster learning of header information. The Enhanced Machine Learning Plugin enables validation screen corrections, creates on-the-fly corrective actions, and works in tandem with the system’s core machine learning algorithm. Customers will benefit from the enhancement because the system will be more accurate and require less human activity.

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