Ephesoft’s reseller partners are an essential and growing part of our global ecosystem to deliver Ephesoft solutions to customers. Recently, there’s been an uptick in both customer and partner activity throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, with organisations realising the need to automate their content capture and data discovery processes. As a marketer, I wanted to better understand this shift to digital transformation and why our partner community is successful and what drives them to offer and implement Ephesoft’s platform. As a result, our Ephesoft channel sales team enthusiastically introduced me to several partners so I could learn more.

Partner: MicroGenesis

MicroGenesis, a leading solution provider that specializes in Application Lifecycle Management, DevOps, Systems Engineering and Document Management, became an Ephesoft partner in October 2017 after thoroughly researching a variety of OCR solutions. MicroGenesis has over a decade of experience in the Document Capture space and has handled many major implementations both in India and abroad.

MicroGenesis focuses on Manufacturing, IT/ITES, Automotive, Aerospace, BFSI, Pharma & Life Science and Service Industries, such as Transportation, Logistics, Real Estate and any others that have high document volumes. Additionally, they are partners with some of the leading RPA developers like Automation Anywhere and UiPath, which use tools like Ephesoft to onboard data into RPA solutions. Most customers use enterprise content capture to classify, extract and export data into ERP or line of business systems.

When Ephesoft’s Vice President of the region reached out to them, they quickly understood the value of the solution. MicroGenesis sells Ephesoft as its own solution, or along-side their in-house document management solution – so they are both a customer and a partner.

“Ephesoft is one of the fastest-growing areas of our business, and as an Ephesoft partner, we find great value, which translates to an improved market reach. Our Ephesoft expertise sets us apart from our competition and allows us to serve our customers better. Being an Ephesoft reseller partner, we gain visibility with Ephesoft employees and new customer opportunities,” said Santy Nelson, Business Head at MicroGenesis. He explained that Ephesoft’s open source technology along with the ease of use, adoption and integrations are what customers are looking for. “The UI/UX is a lot better than competitive solutions and the learning curve is much faster for end users.”

Partner: MITS

With a deep commitment to customer success, MITS joined Ephesoft’s reseller partner program several months ago. Through colleagues and competitors, they had often heard of Ephesoft, but it wasn’t until recently that they took a deeper look at Ephesoft’s content capture and data discovery platform.

“Ephesoft’s solution is customer-focused and the pricing is competitive,” said Richard Ong

Director Business Development at MITS. “The sales and support teams at Ephesoft are responsive, efficient and professional. They understand the local market and provide good support to the partners.”

MITS’ customer base is increasingly transitioning to the cloud, which is another benefit of being partners with Ephesoft. They find that banks and other financial services are a bit more conservative due to compliance. They also focus on all major ECM solutions, especially IBM and FileNet. “With collaborative technology partners like Ephesoft, we are able to find the best solution for our customers that fit their business requirements.”

Partner: Informotion

With a heavy focus and market share in government and healthcare, Informotion offers a strategic and consultative approach to content management systems and complementary technology, such as Ephesoft, across the enterprise. Informotion is based in Australia but has offices in the US and the UK. Capturing information once, and moving it efficiently and seamlessly through an organisation, makes everyone’s day easier along the way. Good system design drives adoption, as compliance happens fluidly and naturally, without the user interrupting their critical tasks to act as a records manager. The company uses Ephesoft to capture data for accounts payable, human resources, payroll, personnel files and contracts.

Informotion previously used a competitive system for onboarding documents into content management systems but switched to Ephesoft after discovering the synergy of technology and partnership value. “Working with Ephesoft gives us an easy path to introduce an innovative, end-to-end solution to the time consuming and costly challenge of manual, paper-based content capture that many of our customers experience,” said Deb Dwyer, General Manager at Informotion, a global Platinum reseller based in Australia. “They are on the forefront of cloud technology, which aligns with both Informotion and the market’s direction at the right price. Ephesoft’s technology is an easy way for customers to capture, classify, extract and export data into their TRIM / Content Manager system. We’ve already done several joint events which were well attended and positioned us with similar forward-thinking, industry leaders.”

While these are just three of many partners in the region, Ephesoft partners are expanding their technology breadth and solution offerings to help their customers become more efficient and productive, whether on-premise or in the cloud. They welcome new clients and continue to drive innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.