There’s a running joke among IT folks: “There is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer.” That’s true for a lot of cloud products out there, but not for Ephesoft. As the first content capture company to offer a Capture-as-a-Service platform, either on a private or public cloud, Ephesoft is leading the charge to move the industry into a fully realized cloud solution that utilizes the power of the cloud rather than just the logistics that cloud computing offers.

Ephesoft offers solutions built on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, but to capitalize on the cloud infrastructure, we had to go deeper. Our most recent, first-to-market release, Cloud HyperExtender, goes far beyond just running “on someone else’s computer.” The result is unparalleled processing speed. We are taking the industry where it’s never gone before. In fact, Cloud HyperExtender is a hybrid blend of cloud and on-premise technologies that delivers processing speeds up to 2,500 images per minute. In comparison, other solutions (non-hybrid or non-cloud) typically process anywhere from 30 to 100 pages per minute.

Organizations don’t see this type of processing power and speed on-premises. We know, we’ve tried.  Cloud HyperExtender comes out of our efforts to meet our enterprise customer’s demands. Operating in the cloud will be a necessity for companies to compete in their industry, gain market share, maintain profitability and meet customer SLAs. With the Cloud HyperExtender, Ephesoft’s platform is truly leveraging the cloud. We’re making the cloud do the heavy lifting. We’re leveraging the investments made by the cloud vendors. The result is much less of a footprint to process up to 40X more documents. Who isn’t looking to manage fewer resources these days while increasing productivity?

Once your content is captured, intelligently classified and extracted using supervised machine learning, the information is exported to any type of repository, ERP, RPA or other line-of-business system. Sure, this process can happen on-premises, but why not have the cloud working even faster for you? It’s digital transformation after all. #itsnotjustOCR