As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Dave Almond, Director of Engineering

5.3 years at Ephesoft

Employee spotlightDave Almond’s career at Ephesoft began in July 2017. Since then, he has held several positions within the organization and amassed a wealth of experience, making him a critical part of the team. 

Today, Dave holds the title of Director of Engineering. This position gives him the opportunity to have a hand in all of Ephesoft’s top projects and solutions. He also has the chance to work with our dynamic and talented team of engineers, developers and support staff.

While Dave has been a member of Ephesoft for five years, his history with the company’s innovative technology spans nearly a decade. Dave’s first experience with Ephesoft came about in 2013. 

At that time, Dave worked for a company interested in automating a labor-intensive manual process. This particular process had become a significant pain point for the company, as it was error-laden, time-consuming and inefficient. The process involved staff members manually entering tens of thousands of tenant records for a social housing company. As you might imagine, this undertaking was detrimental to productivity and resulted in a tremendous amount of waste. 

Though the mere thought of manually entering this many records may seem foreign today, the concept of hyperautomation did not come about for another six years until Gartner coined the phrase in 2019. Even still, forward-looking professionals like Dave were already exploring ways to drive efficiency by leveraging automation technology.

Dave’s desire to improve efficiency for the company led him to Ephesoft. After convincing the organizational leadership to adopt the technology, he and his cohorts built an automated process around Ephesoft’s platform. As soon as the company went live with Ephesoft, productivity skyrocketed, and errors all but vanished. The strategy worked so well that the company still uses it today. 

After Dave’s first interaction with Ephesoft, he was hungry to become more proficient with the technology. Later in 2013, he became an Ephesoft Certified Engineer. He went on to open his own company and built several solutions on the Ephesoft Transact platform between 2015 and 2016.

In late 2016, Dave contracted with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As part of his responsibilities with Hewlett Packard, he helped deploy Ephesoft Transact for a U.K. financial institution. Unsurprisingly, the deployment went off without a hitch. 

After accruing nearly five years of independent experience with Ephesoft’s technology solutions, Dave decided he wanted to work directly with the company. This led him to become part of the Ephesoft family in 2017.

Dave’s first role with Ephesoft was as a senior consultant in the Professional Services team. As part of this team, he provided consulting and support services to new and existing Ephesoft clients. Dave excelled in this position, as he is a genuine “people person” and enjoys stepping up for his clients. 

After serving on this team for approximately 18 months, he transitioned to his first leadership role with Ephesoft. Dave became the manager of the EMEA and APAC PS teams. He spent nearly two years in this role and then became the Director of Engineering in January 2021. 

Dave has experienced the “power and flexibility” of Ephesoft from several different perspectives: customer, system integrator, professional services consultant and developer. This dynamic range of experiences with the technology serves Dave well as he asks challenging questions and “provides leadership and direction to the engineering and product teams at Ephesoft.” 

When asked what he enjoys most about his current role with Ephesoft, Dave stated that he gets “a real kick out of solving problems for customers and designing and building cool new technology.” 

While Dave loves his role as a builder and fixer, he also enjoys the other side of his job. Specifically, he relishes any opportunity to lead, mentor and help his team hone their skills. 

In terms of career challenges, Dave dislikes that he cannot fix “everything all at once.” He wishes he had more hours in the day to instantly put all of his clients’ “great ideas” to use. Fortunately for Dave and Ephesoft clients, he has a great team around him that can fill critical needs and meet delivery deadlines. 

Dave’s passion for his clients and the growth of his team are evident in everything he does. Considering his professional mantra, this should come as no surprise.

 “A job’s not worth doing unless it’s done properly.” 

Dave lives this mantra and encourages his team to do the same, especially when developing solutions for clients. 

When Dave is not working on refining Ephesoft’s dynamic lineup of products or helping his team achieve personal growth, he pursues one of his several hobbies. Dave’s go-to way to unwind is photography, although he has admittedly shelved this hobby for those that are less time-intensive.

These days, Dave spends his evenings building gadgets or tinkering with microcontrollers and other electronics. He also writes code for home automation tech. Additionally, Dave enjoys playing indoor short mat bowls and outdoor crown green bowls. These games are popular in the United Kingdom but virtually unheard of in the U.S. He plays leisurely games with his family. He occasionally signs up for competitions with his daughter. The pair typically do pretty well, according to Dave.

His other hobbies include hiking, walking and exploring nature. When he has a little extra downtime, Dave is known to plan out more involved adventures or make his way to museums and historical sites. 

Dave is well-rounded both professionally and personally. His unique mix of talents, interests and skills make him a perfect fit for Ephesoft, especially when these attributes are paired with his unflinching passion for automation technologies. Like the company he works for, Dave enjoys pushing the innovation envelope.

Dave Almond clearly is and will remain a valuable part of the Ephesoft team for years to come.