Once again, Ephesoft has landed a coveted spot on KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Product list this year for its big data analytics platform Ephesoft Insight. This yearly list recognizes a variety of technologies in the knowledge management space that are deemed “hot” categories. As noted in the article, machine learning is one of those ground-breaking, hot topics that are making strides across many industries using this technology.

Ephesoft Insight is a next generation enterprise document analytics and business intelligence platform. With Insight, organizations can unlock the power of the data trapped in multiple document repositories to reduce risk, drive profits, improve operations and support strategic decision-making. The platform allows businesses to connect, crawl, analyze and scale big data with patented machine learning tools, from unstructured content which is not readily accessible or searchable. The Insight dashboards offer users a way to visualize, explore, analyze and report data at scale.

“Insight is being used by large organizations that compile data from many sources to find trends, anomalies, discover opportunities and eliminate risks of all kinds – from background checks and criminal activities to improving patient care and customer service. We use sophisticated, patented machine learning algorithms to sift through and extract multiple sources of data so our customers can solve big problems that they couldn’t solve in the past,” said Ike Kavas, CTO at Ephesoft. “We appreciate that Ephesoft solutions are recognized for a second year in a row by KMWorld. Our goal is to keep innovating our products to solve our customer’s business challenges.”

Ephesoft clients use Insight to perform a variety of big data analytics to improve business and customer-based decisions. For example, government agencies utilize the platform to automate data-driven processes in support of mission-critical services. Healthcare providers optimize value-based care and populate health management programs with unstructured textual data extracted. Financial services institutions are improving customer intelligence, uncovering investment opportunities, mitigating risks, combating fraud and meeting regulatory requirements by analyzing large volumes of electronic documents.