KMWorld 2022 AI 50 awardEphesoft has always incorporated AI into its technology but over the past year, the company has demonstrated new innovative AI uses and enhancements for intelligent document processing (IDP). The award comes on the heels of Ephesoft Transact’s recent release as AI took the main stage with our proprietary Semantik AI Engine, based on machine learning, computer vision and deep learning neural network technologies.

Using AI, computer vision, patented machine learning and proprietary classification models, Ephesoft’s customizable and scalable platform turns any document type into structured, actionable data to accelerate business processes and data-driven decisions. The Semantik AI Engine launched a new way to process unknown documents without any configuration and extract the data in seconds for discovery. To extract data from known documents for specific workflows, the AI engine enables a 90% faster setup. And this is just the beginning. The technology sets the stage for expanding hyperautomation initiatives globally in multiple languages.

“AI and a host of related technologies such as augmented intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, process automation, and natural language processing are being deployed in areas as diverse as supply chain management, manufacturing, healthcare, medical research, and financial services,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. “With organizations recognizing the great potential of AI, it is not surprising that the market size is also expected to increase dramatically. As part of our efforts to focus attention on the innovative knowledge management vendors that are imbuing their offerings with AI and automation, in this issue, KMWorld presents the KMWorld AI 50: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management.”

Ike Kavas, founder and CEO, has AI and innovation deeply ingrained in his DNA with a data-driven mentality and a quest to help customers future-proof their business. “AI is the tool that we can use to optimize every day at work so we can live our best lives. Taking away tedious, manual processes with AI automation technology will give us the power to do what we do best – be human and thrive.” Don’t miss Ike’s spotlight article here!