As Ephesoft’s SVP of Customer Experience, I am passionate about our customers, their journey and their successful outcomes. I was thrilled to see Ephesoft receive a G2 Leader medal for the 4th consecutive season in a row within the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) categories of Data Extraction and OCR.

Software buyers and technology gurus utilize G2 Reports to help discover the best technology solutions to solve their real-world business problems with peer reviews and product comparisons. Having been placed in the Leaders quadrant of these category grids speaks to the amount of effort our team has put into making our customers and solutions successful. While there may be several options available for IDP solutions, not many are built to serve the needs and expectations required by global top banks, government organizations or other large companies.  

What makes Ephesoft a leader?

At Ephesoft, innovation and world-class customer experience are at our core. We are committed to delivering IDP solutions that will change the way our customers manage their business and power them to achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive edge. Ephesoft’s DNA is buried in pioneering technologies, state-of-the-art data science and helping customers and partners work smarter and faster. 

The goal of our premier global customer experience team is to ensure our customers and partners realize ROI quickly and scale from department to department. Customer Success, Services, Education and Support teams are actively empowering our customers with frequent check-ins, tools and tips to accelerate their projects, and forums to connect them with other users.  

Ephesoft’s unique ability to surpass our clients’ needs by processing millions of documents with the speed, accuracy and consistency to meet the demands of their business is what not only drives ROI and business success but makes their clients successful as well.

But don’t just take our word for it.

From 5-star product reviews to customers who feel heard, this is why I love what I do!  At Ephesoft, we take every customer interaction to heart and continuously raise the bar for what it means to provide the best-in-class customer experience.

Ephesoft reviews sourced by G2