Fifteen months ago, a group of Ephesoft employees joined Sweatcoin to help different organizations while getting exercise through their app. The app tracks every step you take with your mobile phone and gives you one “Sweatcoin” – a digital currency – for every 1,000 steps. Users can then choose to donate the money to various causes or charities. Since our last update in August 2021, the team has been trekking the roads and trails. 

Making a Difference

After a few months, we had accumulated 728,000 steps or 728 Sweatcoins and donated them to fight climate change and support lowering CO2 emissions. In January, after another 379,000 steps, we were able to donate our Sweatcoins to help fund education for children in Uganda. 

Helping Ukraine

Photo caption: Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

As the war against Ukraine began at the end of February, many of us felt passionate about donating to help the people there. Our first donation in March was for 528,000 steps – 528 Sweatcoins – towards helping Ukrainian children flee and escape violence. But we knew that wasn’t enough. We enlisted the help of the entire company to help boost our donations by walking during our company meeting a few weeks later. We were able to donate another 1,052 Sweatcoins to help educate those affected by war. Our goal was to get 2 million steps by the end of the month.

Saving the Environment and People

Additionally, during March, the team donated 501 Sweatcoins to the TAPIA Project, which helps protect the Tapia forest, a Madagascar ecosystem, from further deforestation. Another team member was able to donate 459 Sweatcoins to support brain tumor research. 

We met our company goal for March and walked 2,012,000 steps! And, even better, since our last blog post, it’s been an amazing team effort: we walked a total of 3,268,000 steps! Using a steps-to-miles calculator, the team walked approximately 1,575 miles. The best part is that we had an opportunity to make an impact on others’ lives. Stay tuned for more updates as the team keeps trekking and giving! 

Who wants to join us and give back to the international community?