Ephesoft Transact 2019.2 is Released: 3 Things to Know

At Ephesoft, developing new capabilities with each release is written into our DNA and the foundation of helping our customers. We are pleased to release the latest version of Ephesoft Transact 2019.2, which brings a new UI featuring our new brand, a scanner imprint, custom export functionality and accelerated performance, among over 50 other enhancements. Let’s dive into three top features: 

  1. Custom Export: If you’re scripting to create custom outputs, this new capability will not only simplify your exported metadata, but it will give you tighter control over both the metadata and image filenames/folders. Export schemas are used for the metadata output, which can be easily uploaded, downloaded, stored on the server and are tied to a document type. Six schema types are available: CSV, HL7, HTML, JSON, TXT and XML. The bottom line is that custom exports are more straightforward, requiring less effort.
  2. Better Performance: Fixed-form field extraction is now 50% faster because of improvements in our extraction processing algorithms. The number of pages that can be processed per minute has several varying factors, such as the size of your server and the speed of your company’s network.
  3. Scanner Imprinting: This particular feature addresses the need for traceability back to a scanner. Many customers are addressing security, audit challenges, compliance and the need to track the scanner, user or client machine that the data came from. As part of this enhancement, an integration with Fujitsu imprinters was developed. Specifically, users can optionally imprint a digital string, vertical/horizontal string imprinting, a page or batch counter and include an X/Y offset in inches as part of their selection. 

While there’s always much more in our release updates to Ephesoft Transact, our focus is to not only have a listening ear to make our customers’ daily jobs more efficient and effective, but it’s to lay the groundwork in developing the best products in the market. In this release, it’s not only having a clean, modern look and feel, but applying practical applications that can immediately benefit business processes. From improved machine learning, integrations and performance to security and compliance, Smart Capture® technology can benefit any department and organization with high content volume. 



Product Announcement: https://ephesoft.com/docs/announcements/2019-2-product-announcement/

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