Today, Ephesoft unveiled the latest release of Ephesoft Transact The new version release boasts multiple new features and enhancements that build on version’s robust functionality and flexibility.

Top 4 Features and Benefits:

  1. Great code is crucial for modern businesses, and the best way for us to connect and share data is through OpenAPIs. With version, our Swagger UI support allows modern, easier, self-documented Web Services for developers. Additionally, this technology is used to create two advanced workflow Web Services OpenAPIs for both Nintex and Microsoft Flow. JSON technology (JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight data-interchange format, is used, making it easier for humans to read and write and it’s easy for machines to parse and generate. These features benefit both developers and non-developers alike by leveraging Ephesoft Transact to classify documents and extract information via a simple Web Services interface. Users can now quickly add document capture functions to applications, removing the need for manual data entry or human intervention and increasing efficiency, accuracy and time savings.
  2. The Microsoft Exchange Header Support feature is now available for support on both on-premise and cloud platforms. Users can now configure Transact to ingest documents through Microsoft Exchange and leverage EWS for header metadata within the batch.xml file. Adding on-premise support provides more availability to customers and expedites processing through the system.
  3. Ephesoft Transact offers PDF/A-1b Compliance and supports searchable single and multi-page PDFs in both black and white as well as color. The enhancement helps customers put in place more advanced archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents into their repositories.
  4. Significant performance improvements have been made to the Fixed-Form Extraction process for Windows, often used for data extraction from checkboxes and signature detection. Customers using 16 cores will see improvements up to 70% to 80% while users of 32 core systems will see impressive improvements up to 250% up to 300% performance gains. The faster processing of pages per minute allows companies to quickly access their data, make more informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.  

“Our goal is to make enterprise content capture and data discovery from unstructured data easily accessible and meaningful for decision-makers worldwide,” said Ike Kavas, Founder and CEO at Ephesoft. “Pioneering advantageous features that improve our customers’ business processes is what we do, and our latest version of Ephesoft Transact helps achieve that customer success.”

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