Whether you are an existing customer or you are thinking about how to improve, simplify and manage your document processing, the latest version of Ephesoft Transact 4.5 is designed to deliver higher level functionality with its supervised machine learning technology. The recent version boasts over 220 new features, integrations, enhancements and updates. Keep reading if you or your department works with or technically supports a high volume of documents, such as loans, claims, invoices, account onboarding, employee data, financials, images or records.

Supervised Machine Learning Technology

Supervised machine learning takes the spotlight in Ephesoft Transact 4.5. Using Ephesoft’s patented algorithms allow organizations to automate and speed up many of the mundane document processing tasks, as well as to classify, extract, validate and export metadata into actionable information. The supervised machine learning algorithms allow the system to learn and add continuous value over time.

For example, auto table extraction can locate tables on a page and automatically send them to a user for validation, without creating any rules. The system can filter the good data from the bad data using what it has learned from the system. Accounts Payable departments will flock to this feature as it will substantially reduce the manual data entry. Another new feature is the supervised machine learning of tables, which extracts table structures, significantly speeding up configuration and set up times of batch classes.

Integrations and Exports

Many organizations fear long implementation times and figuring out how to connect all their software tools together. Ephesoft Transact 4.5 allows easier, faster integrations and exports with other systems using Restful Web Services APIs without writing any code.

Strategic technology partners Box, Microsoft and SAP now have convenient, easy integration and export features into their repositories. Plug-ins are available, saving time during configuration and streamlining deployment. SharePoint export can now support both cloud and on-premise solutions.

Cool Capabilities

Zoom overlay is a convenient feature that helps the validation user see clearly, especially for documents that did not meet the tolerance passing levels. Several knowledge bases – patterns and libraries of words – come equipped in Ephesoft Transact 4.5. These knowledge bases help aid the supervised machine learning algorithms to extract data from the documents. Composite Types are another new feature that allows multiple fields to combine into one field, alleviating the need for complex scripting.

Additional Asian languages can be added on, giving global organizations the option to process documents in Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean. Similarly, translation for user interfaces using French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish has improved, resulting in improved accuracy.

Platform extensibility for scripting, hidden document types and machine learning Web Services APIs will contribute to faster processing, efficiency and system set-up. Finally, Ephesoft Transact 4.5 runs on the latest operating systems on both Windows and Linux as well as being supported by new browser versions for Chrome, Microsoft IE, Edge and Firefox.

What’s Next?

While the last version of Ephesoft Transact broke through many barriers that organizations face, the new version will further advance your smart document processes. Smart Capture® technology is being used as a business process improvement and competitive advantage from Fortune 50 companies to Fortune 50,000 companies. Eliminating data entry, enhancing processes and having the ability to easily access your content contributes to cost savings and better customer service. Are you ready for a demo?