Just as one shirt size doesn’t fit everyone, neither do software platforms. Ephesoft, a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, works with Microsoft products to help customers gain the most intelligence and efficiency for document business processes.

Who is Ephesoft?

Ephesoft was founded in 2010 by leaders from the document capture industry that wanted to drive innovation and disrupt the legacy document automation space. The company has shown explosive growth through its unique perspective on taming unstructured content using patented, complex analytics and supervised machine learning.

Ephesoft makes meaning out of unstructured data for decision-makers worldwide. We are the leading developer of supervised machine learning-based document capture and analytics solutions in the cloud or on-premise. Organizations use Ephesoft’s platform to automate any document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Ephesoft introduced the industry’s first cloud-based and Capture-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform on Microsoft Azure, making it simple for any sized organization to increase efficiency and streamline business processes. While legacy document capture companies rely on costly client server architecture with no provision for alternatives, Ephesoft uses open-source, flexible architecture with fast, easy implementations on both Windows and Linux operating systems. This flexibility helps to improve scalability, speed and accuracy, giving companies a competitive advantage by providing improved service, lower costs and deeper insights into customers and trends.


How does Ephesoft technology work?

At the heart of the Ephesoft platform is an engine that provides automated document classification and data extraction. Feed it documents from any source (fax, scanners, copiers, folders, legacy ECM systems, mobile devices and repositories) and the system will do all the heavy lifting – sorting, separating, classifying and getting you the data you need to drive efficiency, productivity, automation and decision-making with minimal end-user intervention. Ephesoft’s platform can add value to any size organization through SaaS and CaaS solutions, along with availability on-premises or in the cloud.


How does Ephesoft fit with Microsoft?

Think of Ephesoft as an added intelligent document automation layer that can be placed on top of other technologies as a catalyst for automation. Below is a list of core technologies from Microsoft and how Ephesoft fits from a business perspective.


  • Microsoft SharePoint and Ephesoft

Microsoft SharepointWith SharePoint, Ephesoft Transact can be an intelligent onramp for documents into SharePoint libraries. As a front-end loader, Transact can auto-identify and route documents from almost any source. Then, the system exports the documents into the right library, as a searchable PDF, with all the important metadata extracted. It provides a standardized, repeatable process for adding any type of document to Microsoft SharePoint.

With Ephesoft Insight, SharePoint libraries can be consumed and leveraged for Document Analytics. Insight provides the “document side” of the analytics equation.

You can get more information here:

Ephesoft/SharePoint Integration

Email Classification with SharePoint


  • Microsoft Flow and Ephesoft

Microsoft FlowUtilizing Ephesoft Web Services in the cloud, users can add intelligence to any Microsoft Flow workflow. Using the classification or extraction services, you can use Ephesoft Transact technology to “open up” documents mid-process as well as make workflow branching decisions based on what you find. Mutual customers are also using robotic process automation (RPA) tools with both Microsoft Flow and Ephesoft, to gain maximum value out of their data and bots. An example of a Microsoft Flow use case here:

Ephesoft and Microsoft Flow with SharePoint Online

Scanning to Microsoft Flow


  • Microsoft Dynamics and Ephesoft

Microsoft Dynamics 365ERP and accounting systems can leverage the power of Ephesoft in many ways. As a processing engine, Ephesoft Transact can extract data from critical documents, like invoices or sales orders, and pass the information onto Microsoft Dynamics. Employees will no longer have to key in information manually, wasting precious time. Along with time savings, data entry errors can now be eliminated through Ephesoft Transact’s validation and exception processing capabilities. For more information:

Ephesoft Accounting ERP Solutions


  • Microsoft Azure and Ephesoft

Microsoft AzureSmart document capture and automation is a great fit for the cloud. Ephesoft’s web-based technology and RESTful APIs are cloud-ready, including Microsoft Azure. As a Cloud Infrastructure partner, Ephesoft has worked diligently to ensure compatibility with Azure along with helping customers take advantage of the benefits in the cloud, especially scalability and availability. Read more on Ephesoft’s cloud platform:

Ephesoft Capture in the Cloud


This is just a short list of possibilities. Ephesoft’s products are built for partners and utilizes an open architecture to facilitate the building of portable solutions to add value and drive revenue.