Research shows that almost 90% of your workforce uses mobile devices for calls, emails, calendar, texts and communication apps. And those employees that use their mobile devices for work tasks save 58 minutes each day. For companies that have embraced a mobile strategy, this comes out to an additional 240 hours of work per employee every year. It’s a logical leap. Your sales manager can respond to that demonstration inquiry while walking to the café for a coffee. The accountant can approve an invoice for payment while sitting on the train on their commute home. 

Syntonic tells us that 87% of businesses are dependent on their employee’s ability to access mobile business apps from their smartphone, like SalesForce, Slack, Expensify and Zoom. So why not extend content acquisition to your mobile device as well? Why not take advantage of these powerful, portable devices by enabling in-the-field document capture for true, integrated process automation? If employees and clients are already using phones for content-related activities, it would be an oversight to not give them the power to contribute to/participate in business workflows that require document upload.

Ephesoft Mobile provides an easy, reliable and secure way to ingest and upload content into Ephesoft Transact from any mobile device, which accelerates workflow and business processes. The mobile app features live edge detection, foolproof image cropping and enhancement filters. Supported in iOS and Android operating systems, all communication is kept secure by utilizing HTTPS protocols. Moreover, no documents or information are ever stored on the device itself.

Ephesoft Mobile can improve workflow efficiency with minimal configuration to integrate this new capture source into your existing business process. It helps feed time-sensitive information into those crucial back-end applications and databases from anywhere in the field. Given all of the shelter in place and likely long-term work from home strategies in place at companies of all sizes right now, this kind of field flexibility for content acquisition is going to be crucial for maintaining profitable business operations.

Lastly, Ephesoft Mobile can increase productivity of end-users both internal – like your employees – and external – like your clients or constituents. The flexibility of how this can be deployed is key here. One way is that it can be embedded in your organization’s app with the mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK). Simply customize your company app by embedding Ephesoft’s mobile content acquisition technology into your native application for seamless and transparent on-the-fly capture. Alternatively, you can skip the customization work and go-live immediately by using Ephesoft’s out-of-the-box application along with our globally accessible web-based Administrative Portal.

Let’s review some industry-specific use cases for Mobile to put the productivity potential into perspective.

Use Case: Healthcare

The applicability of Ephesoft Mobile to expedite infectious disease screening is clear. The process starts when screening forms and IDs are captured on a tablet or phone with Ephesoft’s Mobile. Ephesoft Transact QuickScreen – an ID-specific capture component of Transact – can automatically extract IDs from more than 200 countries (and the variations within US states). The app then passes the documents to Ephesoft Transact, a secure processing server which can either be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, depending on the clients’ or industry security requirements. Transact then identifies the type of document that was captured, extracts the necessary metadata data and validates against a third party database. Finally, it passes the indexing information to a database and repository for archiving purposes.

This solution has the potential to reduce wait times in lines for drive-through screening – like many states are experiencing with long queues for COVID-19 tests, provide real-time data on important feedback elements like flagging duplicate test recipients, and help with the creation of that patient’s record from the moment of the first touchpoint.

Use Case: Financial Services

Customer onboarding for banks can be a complex process requiring a mix of customer-sourced, digital and physical documents. Acquiring usable documents from your prospective customer can be a challenge given the variety of methods financial institutions receive documentation and the slow responses from the applicant. Think about how many times you’ve applied for a loan, opened a new account, or applied for pre-approval for a mortgage where you’ve had to find a way to scan and email a copy of your driver’s license or a bank statement and other documents to that company. Now think about the employee at the bank that had to take that scanned image, and manually enter all your details into their system of record or application for actuarial review.

Instead of this manual process, take advantage of Ephesoft Mobile as the capture source for all these documents by embedding it into your company’s app with our Mobile SDK. Applicants can capture and send all necessary documents from the comfort of their own home, and you receive the information in real-time. Used in conjunction with Ephesoft Transact for automated document categorization and data extraction, all sources of documents are acquired and then processed securely and quickly. With the historically low interest rates for new and refinanced mortgages, lending institutions are going to be flooded with new applications, Ephesoft can alleviate the burden of data collection. 


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