Today, we are launching a new and exciting chapter to the Ephesoft Story: Ephesoft Labs. Before I give you an overview, I’ll provide a little background on the genesis of the offering. It started with several discussions, mostly around maximizing the value of our products to our customers. What can we do to drive maximum automation, efficiency and productivity broadly and with low incremental cost? 

We began examining what we believe is our most valuable asset: over a decade and a half of deep capture experience and saved professional services and pre-sales projects. What would be the value to our ecosystem of customers and partners if this was available as an online repository? The result is Ephesoft Labs. 

GitHub repositories of just about every document workflow, script, process and configuration from the leading edge of capture, all available and open source at no cost to our customers and business partners. Built on an open source framework, the repository will be accessible to all members of the Ephesoft community to join, use and contribute (Phase I is available to selected partners and customers through the beta period).  

Here’s a quick tour and some highlights:

Our Technology Partners (Available publicly August 25, 2020)

We have some great technology partners that we have worked with for years and we have built integrations, modules and scripts into their systems or vice versa. Those custom-built integrations are now available in Ephesoft Labs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Nintex Extension – This provides a simple and powerful extension that allows the import of an Ephesoft Workflow tool kit into the Nintex Workflow Designer.
  • Microsoft Power Automate – Microsoft’s primary workflow and integration system, Power Automate, can now be enabled with Ephesoft’s new web-based acquisition platform, Semantik. Semantik currently provides a state-of-the-art AI model for invoice data extraction.
  • Blue Prism VBO – Customers and partners can now download a Visual Business Object (VBO) for a design canvas integration in Blue Prism.

This is just a sampling of what’s available and our technology partners will be a big focus, enabling customers to integrate just about any system by leveraging and adding into the Ephesoft Labs library.

Document Types*

At the core of Ephesoft’s technology is the ability to classify and extract data from different document types. Over time, we have amassed a large library of all different common business document types. A common request was to provide a library of documents that would allow customers to immediately glean value from the product, get to production fast and achieve a quick return on investment. In the repository, we now house common business document types, with the following examples:

  • Tax documents – W2, 1040, W-4, W-9 and others
  • Mortgage/Loan Documents – Loan estimate, closing disclosure, etc.
  • Accounting documents – Invoices, bills of lading, etc.


The flexible nature of Ephesoft’s platform allows for simple integration to a wide variety of backend systems. Our full repository of custom-built integrations, including SAP and Azure, are now shared, along with source code for implementation and/or customization. With many more being prepped for addition to the Ephesoft Labs repository, this flexibility will provide customers with added use cases for Ephesoft’s products.

Automated Extraction Solution*

This is a custom-built solution built internally for processing invoices, and extracting their data.  It was built to learn, and as users process documents, it builds rules based on confidence score for specific vendors and learns to identify them, and associated data.

Much, Much More

In addition to the above, the repository includes a long list of assets, from basic scripts to enhanced solutions for niche use cases like redaction, auto-extraction and advanced machine learning. The repository will be open for external contributions as well, allowing partners and customers to contribute value and extend the value of the offering.

Ephesoft Labs is Phase I of Ephesoft’s vision for an extensive network of powerful technical resources that will be unmatched in the intelligent document processing (IDP) market. Follow us for our next phase, and updates.

*Follow us for public availability or contact your Ephesoft Sales Representative.