Join us as we walk you through our unique document capture and data extraction solution.

Complete with real world case studies,  process and line of business improvements by vertical, the webinar closes with true demonstrations of the Ephesoft environment for Invoice Processing, Mortgage Classification, and SharePoint integrations.

Key Features of Ephesoft Smart Capture

  • Dramatically increase staff productivity by slashing manual data entry by up to 90%.
  • Automated line item extraction for accelerated invoice processing
  • Less IT setup – requiring only 1 – 2 document types vs. dozens with other vendors.
  • Simple / flexible licensing.
  • Reduce manual data entry cuts processing time from days to mere hours.
  • Feeds content to practically any line of business system.

Every mistake using manual data entry costs your company valuable time and money. Ephesoft Smart Capture can instantly and accurately extract any data from any document of any format.