There are so many ways enterprises can still accelerate automation and digital transformation to propel productivity. It all boils down to continuously improving the customer experience, both behind the scenes and what’s in front of each customer every day.

With this in mind, I first wanted to thank you – our customers, partners, employees (Ephesoftians), investors, community and other interested parties – for enduring and conquering 2020 with me. Thank you. It’s certainly been a challenging year from many aspects, from losing thousands of people to COVID-19 and to mental health issues to being locked-up and widespread social injustices. Some describe Courage as “strength in the face of pain or grief,” so all of us certainly fit this profile.

In retrospect, 2020 brought us many good things: we learned to appreciate our healthcare workers and scientists who work on medicine; perhaps we will be a little bit more prepared for the next crisis; we adjusted to working from home and trying new ways to be together through technology; and, hopefully, there is now more awareness toward equality. I am grateful and always look for silver lining and opportunities. Adapting to change is a constant, especially as we help to boost productivity through technology and processes for our customers.

This year, we’ll be focusing on what I’m calling “Project Productivity.” The pandemic showed us that it’s more important than ever to automate, be agile and scalable. This means enterprises of all sizes will need to look at the critical technology trends of cloud, AI, low/no-code solutions and overall process automation improvements in order to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

At Ephesoft, we want to bring Project Productivity (i.e. accelerated and intelligent digital transformation) quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively so any type of entity can benefit and maximize their productivity around business processes and data. In plain English, our customers are saying, “Save me time by implementing the best solution fast” – and that’s exactly what we must do. This ideology is at the heart and soul of Ephesoft in creating the most innovative and customer-friendly intelligent document processing solutions. We want our customers to respond as we’ve seen them do thus far (check out our G2 software reviews here). We want the customer experience to continuously levitate around digital transformation. We believe that work doesn’t have to be hard if we have the right tools in place. In fact, one of our guiding principles and core values is to “Breathe Productivity.”

This year I expect to see some great things happen in terms of customer experience, product development and exponential growth with the help of our partners and customers by our side. Don’t get me wrong; we’re still knee-deep in the pandemic and there will be some big hurdles to conquer. But, together, we will be working towards Project Productivity. Keep an eye out for the latest innovations with both Semantik Invoice and Ephesoft Transact this year. We’ve got a great team at Ephesoft to help generate this new reality of productivity. I’m encouraged by what an amazing effort I saw in 2020, so I only know it will continue to explode!

I wish everyone an abundance of health, fulfillment, joy and success in 2021.