KMWorld’s annual list for companies that matter most in knowledge management recognizes Ephesoft as an influential intelligent document processing (IDP) company in the industry. Ephesoft’s IDP platform automates document-centric processes to maximize operational efficiency and productivity for enterprises and the public sector. Using AI, patented machine learning and proprietary classification models, Ephesoft’s customizable and scalable platform turns any document type into structured, actionable data to accelerate business processes and data-driven decisions.

“While digital transformation was well underway more than 2 years ago, the trend accelerated rapidly when the pandemic hit. It’s true that the tumultuous business climate continues unabated, but smart, knowledge-driven organizations have been successfully seizing products and services that help them identify new opportunities, improve customer service, modernize operations, thwart fraudulent activity, make the right information available to staff members who need it, and, when possible, enhance decision making with real-time information,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. “Against that reality, KMWorld presents the KMWorld 100 for 2022, a list of inventive knowledge management companies whose offerings are targeted at helping organizations expand their use of information and knowledge and accelerate their growth.”

“We are pleased to be included in KMWorld’s important companies to watch in 2022. Companies looking to transform their documents into actionable data will want to keep an eye on our upcoming release of Transact in April, which includes a new AI feature enabling universal document automation,” said Ike Kavas, founder and CEO at Ephesoft. “Transact will soon run using our proprietary Semantik AI Engine that will eliminate the need for templates or rules. It leverages computer vision and adaptive AI models, marking the start of a new era of document automation.”

Most noteworthy last year, the company’s flagship product, Ephesoft Transact, included several new cutting-edge capabilities. Capturing handprint data and cursive handwriting has long been a source of hardship for many organizations, until recently. Industry-wide, the technology has been limited and the accuracy rates have been notoriously low. With the latest release, Transact now features Handwriting Recognition+, based on using cloud hybrid technology and AI, delivering 88% accuracy for capture handprint, machine print, complex handprint and cursive handwriting. The release also included an intuitive, AI table rule builder, which transforms complex tables into structured data in record time, at high accuracy.

In the public sector, Ephesoft also took great strides and became available on Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud FedRAMP-authorized Platform, proven to have a highly secure environment that withstood comprehensive audits and built on Microsoft Azure Government. The solution is compliant with all security controls and has a System Security Plan (SSP) in place to greatly accelerate the compliance verification and Authorization to Operate (ATO) process. With FedRAMP controls in place, Ephesoft Transact has been deemed a viable solution to provide significant time and cost savings, increased productivity and improved accuracy by automatically transforming any document type into structured, actionable data.

KMWorld has also named Ephesoft Transact a “Trend-Setting Product” five times in a row. For more information on Transact, visit the product page here. To read the entire list of “KMWord’s 100 Companies that Matter Most in Knowledge Management for 2022,” click here.