New release features on-premises handwriting extraction capabilities and new features to accelerate time-to-value  

Kofax is excited to announce its first release of Ephesoft Transact since the recent integration of Ephesoft into the Kofax product ecosystem. The new version of Transact includes a host of new features that will significantly simplify and accelerate document set-up processes, saving valuable time and resources. In addition, this release enables premium data extraction from handwritten documents on-premises, which will allow customers with even the strictest security policies to process handwritten documents in their own safe environment.  

Here are some of the new capabilities in Kofax’s Ephesoft Transact 2022.1.01:  

No Configuration, Simple Table Data Extraction  

The Semantik AI Engine™ in Transact now supports data extraction for simple tables. Like the existing key-value extraction feature that was included in our May release, table extraction is built on advanced computer vision technology with a deep learning neural network and can process simple tables out-of-the-box without the need for configuration. This pre-trained model can be deployed to both on-premises and cloud environments and works for all Latin character-based languages. This feature is available to all Transact users and does not require additional licensing. 

Document Design Accelerator Enhancement 

The Document Design Accelerator leverages Semantik AI Engine’s new table extraction capabilities, allowing table rules to be designed with a simple drag and drop on a sample document. For document formats that use rules, this will make it even easier and faster to process documents. 

Premium Handwriting On-Premises 

Transact on-premises customers with strict security policies that don’t allow for any document cloud processing, now have the option to process handwritten documents and achieve high-quality results. Using their own license, customers can now run the Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR Engine as a Docker container on-premises and access it through our Advanced_HOCR plugin. (Microsoft Azure Computer Vision is a separate charge from Transact). 

Automatic Key-Value Plugin Integration 

The popular plugin from Ephesoft Labs is now officially certified and supported with Transact. The AutoKV (Automatic Key-Value) plugin solves a common problem in document extraction – rules that once processed all the data variations, can’t adapt as new, unanticipated data arrives. AutoKV addresses this ‘data drift’ by automatically deriving new rules from the validation corrections so the new variants get processed correctly in the future. 

Batch Class Design Experience Enhancements 

Batch class designers who want to reuse rules with other document types and batch classes can now do so with ease. This feature easily allows batch export and import of extraction rules for key-value index fields and classification. In addition, the user interface has been improved to simplify batch class design and drive efficiency.  

Enhanced Email Ingestion  

Our email ingestion improves attachment handling whether the content is assembled from Microsoft Outlook or modern web-based services. You’ll see a reduction in an operator’s manual exception handling of irrelevant document content.  

Customers are encouraged to move to the latest version to take advantage of the newest features and enhancements. If you’d like to learn more about this release or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Partner Manager or you can contact us here.