Ephesoft is pleased to congratulate Naren Goel, Chief Financial Officer at Ephesoft, on his nomination for the CFO of the Year Award in the private company category. In its 13th annual awards, the Orange County Business Journal recognizes outstanding nominees throughout Orange County based on their accomplishments and both industry and community involvement. 

“This is a well-deserved nomination and we are thrilled that the OCBJ and local community are recognizing Naren’s efforts,” said Ike Kavas, founder and CEO at Ephesoft. “Naren brings invaluable experience with a global outlook on financial insights, business acumen and operational strategy. His contributions have helped Ephesoft grow and expand in new directions.”

When Naren joined Ephesoft in early 2018, he brought a new, contemporary philosophy and strategy for his role as Chief Financial Officer. In the past, traditional CFOs had more of a role of only needing to be fiscally responsible and balancing cash flow, revenue and expenses. As Ephesoft’s first CFO, one of the reasons he was hired was because his outlook on the CFO role was more expansive and different from the traditional CFO model. 

Naren embodies what a modern, technology company CFO should be. His philosophy is made up of three core elements: strategic focus, operational rigor, and strong day-to-day fiscal management of the company. Strategically, he analyzes long-term goals, including investment strategy, raising money and the potential trade-offs and risks. Operationally, Naren drives the precision of running the business through data, metrics and analytics to help make better decisions for the company. Last but not least, he is bringing strong fiscal discipline and internal controls within the company. As a private company, this balance is crucial to our long-term success.

“It’s an honor to work as Ephesoft’s CFO and be able to surround myself with a great team of people,” said Goel. “Drawing from my past experiences and recognizing the rapid pace and changing business dynamics, I found that it’s critical to the company’s success to have a multi-faceted approach to the role.”

The CFO of the Year Awards will be announced on January 30, 2020.