Welcome to our first blog spotlight on our Semantik platform and intelligent document processing solutions. Each month, we plan to share the latest technology updates, enhancements and plans as well as questions that might be useful as you evaluate invoice processing solutions.

Semantik Invoice is a turnkey, cloud software solution that leverages advanced AI technologies to automate your process – from entering large volumes of invoices to accurately extracting data values to securely flowing it into your approval and payment workflows. Semantik Invoice turns your unstructured data into structured data in record time for seamless, accelerated invoice processing automation.

Recent Product Updates

Introducing Ephesoft’s new Auto Table Extraction feature, now available on all of our tenants! Extracting table data is one of the biggest pain-points in AP processing and the number one request by our partners and beta-clients.

What’s different?

In the past, customers were processing invoices manually, or with multiple clicks. Now, we’ve gotten the process down to 0 seconds! In the latest version, if you’ve enabled a field under “Line Item” settings, the AI model automatically detects if a table exists and extracts the table data. You no longer have to do anything besides review the results!

How much better is it?

100% better! Below is a side-by-side comparison for how long it took to extract table data across each phase for one of our multi-page invoices with 95 line items.

Manual Table Extraction: 19 Minutes, 32 Seconds
2-Click Table Extraction: 1 Minute, 39 Seconds
Auto Table Extraction: 0 Seconds

How do I connect Semantik Invoice with other apps?

We’ve also been working hard on creating a variety of ways to integrate Semantik Invoice with your existing applications. Here are our current connector tool sets available:

-Semantik for Invoices – Microsoft Power Platform – This connector was built and certified through Microsoft and provides any business flow extracted invoice data. As a certified connector, it is available in the connector library for Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps and Power Apps. You can see the profile here: Ephesoft Semantik Connector for Power Automate.

-Semantik for Invoices – Workato Shared Connector – Leverage our shared connector through any recipe using Workato. Contact us for free trial access to the Semantik for Workato Connector.

-Ephesoft Transact Connectors for Power Automate and Workato – Visit our community connectors available for Ephesoft Transact within our Ephesoft Labs GitHub Repository.

-Ephesoft to Catalytic allows you to easily add no-code workflows and automations to analyze and process extracted data.

-Ephesoft to Zapier Do you want to send populate your Semantik Invoice data into a spreadsheet? Zapier is a quick and affordable option. Here is a copy of a Zapier workflow (known as a “Zap”) if you want to see how it’s done.

Ephesoft offers a free 10-day trial of Semantik Invoice if you’re ready to accelerate your processes by over 80% and boost accuracy up to 97%. It only takes minutes! Click here to request the trial.