As a reseller of IT products and services, it’s often hard to pinpoint which technology vendor you should guide your prized customers to use. The world used to seem safer, where resellers could go to a big company with a suite of products, even though some of the tools were not as good as other more specialized technologies provided by smaller companies. Fortunately, for customers, that’s no longer the case. Current technology allows easy integration directly into business systems, including ECM platforms, RPA platforms and more. It’s truly a “best-of-breed” approach now.

Let’s look at why over 250 channel, global alliance, delivery, technology and OEM partners have chosen to partner with Ephesoft.

Reason #1

Partnership isn’t just a catchphrase at Ephesoft. We understand that we need you to help deliver our solutions. We won’t grow without your help. You are an extension of our sales team and an essential part of our business model. We are continuously looking to improve our relationships, support, marketing efforts, lead distribution and technology to help your business grow. We believe in mutual success, but more importantly, we believe in customer success.

Reason #2

We’re a modern and innovative company. No more installation on desktops, no more click charges and no more paying for each feature you need, as our stagnant competitors do. In fact, because we disrupted a stale industry 8 years ago, our CEO is committed to releasing new and impactful tech every 2 years, in addition to regularly scheduled enhancements and fixes. With our commitment to challenge the status quo, our founder and CEO received a patent for his supervised machine learning capabilities for classification, data extraction and multi-dimensional analysis. Our vision includes taking full advantage of the cloud.

Reason #3

Integrations are a main “ingredient” so our customers can use best-of-breed technology. Ephesoft’s Web Services OpenAPIs help simplify the workload for our partners. Our open architecture for Windows or Linux is the basis for connecting to almost any other system. Stated more eloquently, our system can talk to any other system in the cloud or on-premise, allowing our customers optimum flexibility and scalability. We fit into your customer’s infrastructure instead of forcing them into ours.

Reason #4

Yes, you guessed it. Ephesoft’s Smart Capture platform was the first web-based tool with both cloud and on-premise offering for the enterprise capture market. Easy access to meet every organizations’ smart document capture business objectives.

Reason #5

Everyone wants metrics. We have case studies to prove that our software increases accuracy, efficiency, productivity and saves money. We also have proven, strategic partnerships in place to validate our solutions, such as being a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner and being selected as one of 11 preferred charter members for their new Content Services Partner program. At BoxWorks, Ephesoft’s technology was debuted alongside three other vendors – IBM, Microsoft and Amazon – for Box Skills. And partners like Blue Prism, Quest Diagnostics, HP, Infor, Nintex and many others work closely with us.

In summary, Ephesoft offers innovation, automation, value, speed and flexibility. Ephesoft helps large organizations that are drowning in high volumes of high-value documents – documents that often initiate and accelerate vital business processes. Can your customers benefit from Smart Capture® technology? We know the true meaning of partnership and invite you to take this journey with us.