Ephesoft Transact is an intelligent document capture and data classification platform that accelerates the identification of various document types and extracts meaningful data to feed back office applications and line of business processes. Manual document sorting and data entry are the last vestiges of traditional, paper-based processes that slow the pace of business transactions.  Ephesoft Transact removes these obstructions, allowing you to:

  • Reduce processing costs – Ephesoft Transact adds value to documents by capturing and extracting content vital to your business.
  • Increase transactional velocity – Ephesoft extracts critical information from physical and electronic documents in record time, without the need for separator sheets or barcodes.
  • Improve productivity –  Processing documents manually is an expensive and time consuming endeavor; Ephesoft automates most of the data collection process, allowing your staff to capture more information while focusing on other business activities.
  • Enhance data viability – Ephesoft extracts the key information you need from various sources such as paper, faxes, PDFs and email attachments.

New for Version 4.0

Ephesoft Transact 4.0 brings several new features designed to accelerate the time to implementation while improving accuracy and throughput performance:

  • Advanced workflow engine –  Transact 4.0 employ an Activiti™ Java workflow engine that provides better server utilization to increase processing capacity and substantially reduced batch processing times compared to Ephesoft 3.1. Depending on system configurations, document complexity and batch size, the new workflow engine enables Ephesoft Transact to process document batches 30-70% faster than version 3.1.
  • Revamped user interface – The latest version has been designed to take advantage of the available screen space, and streamline operational screens and messaging. Many functions are now drag & drop, along with a cleaner tree view for improved navigation.
  • Improved document throughput and data recognition accuracy – Transact 4.0 introduces new data extraction methodologies that leverage positioning and contextual content to improve data recognition rates and document classification accuracy.

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