Ephesoft founder and CEO Ike Kavas recently sat down for an interview with the UpTech Report in which he discussed the numerous sophisticated approaches we take to overcome the challenges of automated document processing. Have a listen.

Part 1: Throwing Away the Manual | Ike Kavas from Ephesoft

The potential of computing technology is so vast, we will continuously realize new possibilities that change the way we work, travel, play, and create. But we should not lose sight of the computer’s most central purpose—to make life easier. So why do they often make life so much harder? One area that’s especially pernicious is document management. Computers are great at creating documents—so much so, in fact, you probably have hundreds-of-thousands if not millions of documents on your hard drive right now. But processing the data in those documents can take enough manual clicks to give you carpal tunnel. Ike Kavas, the founder and CEO of Ephesoft, believes we should be replacing manual with automated wherever possible. On this edition of UpTech Report, Ike tells us how his startup is automating document processing, and walks us through some of the major technological challenges the solution faces.

Part 2: Coming to America | Ike Kavas from Ephesoft


Ike Kavas’ story is uniquely American. A Turkish immigrant, he came to this country with no money, no connections, but a lot of skill and determination. He had thirty days to find a job—but no computer. So he wandered into a local college and used the computers there to send out his resume. On day 27, he found a job. From there, his career is a series of stops and starts that eventually, through careful capitalizing of every opportunity, leads to him becoming the founder and CEO of Ephesoft, a technology startup that automates document processing. On this edition of Founders Journey, Ike tells the story of how he went from an immigrant with barely a few dollars in his pocket to the leader of a successful company with over 150 employees and offices across the globe.