Check out the latest look into the revamped user interface of Transact 4.0, shown here in highlighting a CMIS integration with Alfresco.

Ephesoft’s Smart Capture® solution works with Alfresco’s Hybrid enterprise content management platform to create a modern document management solution.  Utilizing CMIS as a release connector, Ephesoft can seamlessly transport both documents and extracted data to and from the Alfresco system.

In creating this connection to the repository with CMIS import, Ephesoft can monitor your values throughout the document management process, a.k.a. “the Ephesoft workflow”.  Through the use of OCR automation, Ephesoft can classify document types and extra valuable metadata information from your documents to automatically populate property values within the Alfresco repository.  These properties can then be used to create automated workflows and other powerful retrieval values.  Additionally, CMIS connectivity can be used on the front end of Ephesoft to extract these documents from Alfresco, use automation to grab more information from them, and place the additional values back into Alfresco to “refresh” your repository.   This can be especially helpful when attempting to recapture information from older document repositories and systems such as SharePoint.