Turning Unstructured Content into Actionable Data

Ephesoft is on a mission to help organizations increase productivity, improve efficiency and receive a substantial ROI through our patented machine learning technology embedded in our document capture solutions. We play a pivotal role for our clients by transforming how they capture, manage and analyze unstructured data.

What We Do

We Solve Big Problems in Multiple Industries

We designed our document capture solutions to deliver inventive ways of solving problems and to transform organizations by turning unstructured data into a strategic asset. Our platform allows users to make data-driven decisions that produce measurable results. Across multiple industries, locations, situations and company sizes, our solutions are critical to our client’s success.

We Have the Most Experienced Team in the Industry

Our team of seasoned, executive leaders possesses a combined 200-plus years of experience in the document capture and technological industries. We understand the obstacles modern businesses must overcome and how to apply our innovative solutions to unique and varying environments. Ephesoft clients enjoy an incredible return on investment and immediate gains in productivity.

We Utilize the Most Innovative Technology

We realize the importance of employing the most technologically advanced document capture systems in today’s digital world. Our robust background in machine learning and innovation in the document capture industry allows our clients’ operations to run more efficiently and respond to changes by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents.

Where We're Going

Helping the World through Big Document Analytics

We are skilled and experienced innovators, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to help organizations achieve their mission. Our big data document analytics and business intelligence platform leverage machine learning algorithms to extract meaningful and actionable information from unstructured documents. Through analytics, Ephesoft clients can make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve overall operations. Our approach combines a fearless desire to invent and help change the world.