The Ephesoft Difference

Explore the customer benefits of our Smart Capture software to see how we help organizations reduce costs and increase productivity.

Cost Reductions

  • Significant data entry savings through less manual keying.
  • Training is easy, including available self-guided YouTube videos.
  • IT infrastructure savings due to easy roll out; only a browser is needed on client PCs.
  • Integration costs reduced through speedy deployment; CMIS supports leading CRM and ERP platforms.
  • Ephesoft provides a simple-to-understand business model which focuses on long-term planning and growth.

Process Improvements

  • Auditability: The capture process performs with proven, trackable results.
  • Compliance: results are measurable and visible for easy compliance reporting.
  • Reduced Error Rates: Studies show the human error rate is 8% in classifying documents, due to lack of time off, illness and fatigue.
  • Training: Time and costs are significantly reduced due to lesser training requirements.
  • End Users: Users embrace the graphic user interface (GUI) which leads to positive company cultural changes, high levels of acceptance and immediate increases in efficiency.

Productivity Benefits

  • Productivity yields higher returns for the company. Less costs for the company result in additional profits and productivity.
  • Increased customer satisfaction as paperwork is processed more efficiently, producing faster results.
  • Business workflow is streamlined and expedited by automating time-consuming tasks.
  • Business workflow begins sooner thus improving the decisionmaking process (e.g. loan approvals).
  • Ephesoft provides an easy-to-use platform which is streamlined for user experience.

More Differentiators

  • Ephesoft is the only company on the market that offers browser based capture solutions that can be deployed behind a firewall on location or in a cloud environment.
  • Ephesoft is certified for Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure, offering integration with the top cloud providers.
  • Ephesoft is customer and partner focused. We pride ourselves on being the easiest company in the industry to work with and have 24/7 enterprise support available to provide mission-critical and global deployments.
  • We provide an open architecture using industry standard tools to ensure customers are not locked into a proprietary stack.