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When filling out an application for a new online account, first impressions are important – and you probably won’t get a second chance. You don’t want to ask too many questions, and yet, you can’t afford to permit fraudulent accounts. So how do you get the information you need in a respectful way?

This demo shows you how Ephesoft can automatically capture all required documents, including government issued identification using a mobile device, extract relevant data fields and automatically submit the needed data to your application approval process.

You will learn:

  • How customers can use their mobile to capture documents for account creation
  • How government issued IDs can be captured and data extracted
  • How application forms can be automatically captured, classified and sent into your approval workflow
  • How internal notifications and approvals can be set up

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Customer Outcome

Customer Onboarding Time

One large bank in the UK digitally transformed their corporate customer onboarding process using Ephesoft’s platform. Their onboarding dropped from 30 days to 7 days, improving the client experience.

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