Data Labeling

Manage your data with data labeling to know what data you have and where key data lives

Reduce Your Data Labeling Costs

It is now possible for organizations to reduce their data labeling costs and free up valuable time with a single, scalable enterprise application:  Ephesoft Transact.

Transact is a web-based labeling/annotation application that can run on premise, in hybrid mode, or purely in the cloud. With Transact, rapidly creating customized, curated and accurate data sets is now a simple chore that can be done internally, through a third party, or with contracted, remote subject matter experts.

Take Control of Your AI Data

With data scientists spending over 80% on low-level data related tasks, there has to be a better way of identifying, labeling, cleaning, aggregating and augmenting data.  Insuring quality data through a strong validation process can lead to accurate facts, and give you total control of your data sets and models.

From normalization to enhanced formatting and validation, we curate and clean to provide valuable, accurate export.

Deployment On Premises, Hybrid or Cloud

Many of the labeling services today are cloud only. Ephesoft provides great flexibility with our labeling solution offering on premise, hybrid and cloud options:

On Premises Labeling

For confidential information you just can’t put out on the cloud, our Transact Server can be installed on Linux or Windows, and can provide web access to your dev and data science teams.

Hybrid High Speed Labeling

With an AWS processing engine, you high volume jobs can be processed at 10x+ speeds, and insures the ability to iterate quickly on large sets of data.

Cloud Labeling

For those that want rapid spin up times and a hosted service, our cloud labeling solution can be provisioned quickly and provides access to all. Now you can have remote labelers and subject matter experts access your system through our simple web interface.

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