As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Alexandra Wieting-Lukowski, Administrative Assistant & Project Manager, Engineering
3 years at Ephesoft

Alexandra Wieting-Lukowski – or Alex, as she likes to be called – is a standout, “go-to” team player who knows everyone in the organization as well as and the company’s interworkings. She started as the Office Coordinator 3 years ago, when Ephesoft was much smaller in size with only about 30 people in our previous, more modest headquarters.

Prior to Ephesoft, Alex worked at the Orange County Transportation Authority, which had over 500 employees. So for her next job, she knew she was looking for a smaller company with a fun corporate culture. When she arrived at the interview at Ephesoft, she immediately saw beanbags and a ping pong table, and knew that was a sign that some fun people worked here! In fact, she was interviewed by three people and the CEO liked her so much he offered her the job on the spot. “I clicked with everyone right away,” recalled Alex. She was part of the first wave of hires shortly after Ephesoft received its first round Series A funding in 2017.

Alex began making an impact right away. As the Office Coordinator, she “dabbled in every department.” She took on the huge responsibility of moving the headquarters’ office location only after a month of working at Ephesoft, which involved taking inventory of the office, working with the movers, instructing the team on packing, setting up the new office and all of the logistics of any major move. As the office grew, she realized that an event committee was necessary for all of the fun activities, parties and celebrations that helped strengthen the company culture. She spearheaded getting each department represented and involved.

Alex also worked on different human resources committee and company projects. She was responsible for providing breakfasts and lunches most days and created a system for ordering the right amount and a way to appease anyone with food allergies or restrictions – a benefit that all employees appreciate! And, she occasionally jumped in as our CEO’s assistant to help schedule travel and organize the CEO Achievement Club for Sales as well as the Customer Advisory Board meetings and annual global Sales Kickoff events.

She did such a good job that after two years, she was promoted to the Engineering department’s Administrative Assistant and Project Manager. In her current role, she manages the team’s travel, expense reports, sets up meetings, updates the department’s KPIs and manages the CTO’s calendar. “The best part of my job is that I get to do a lot of different things each day and help every department,” said Alex. “I’m expected to wear a lot of hats, but I enjoy it! It’s exciting to see how everyone works together, resulting in product execution to sales to building customer relationships.” Her main challenge is that there are always so many projects happening at once, balancing them all can be tricky. “But I like being helpful, so it gets done,” she explained.

Alex tries to maintain the mentality that “you can’t stress about the things you can’t control,” which helps put many things, both personal and professional, into perspective. However, she also believes that “someone has to get the job done, so it may as well be me.” Essentially, she’s there to step up and do what needs to be done.

In her free time, Alex enjoys watching movies and reading books about World War II. She also spends time playing Overwatch, tennis and likes making puns and jokes. Alex has an intermediate level certificate in skydiving because she used to be passionate about becoming a skydiving camera crew person for movies and stunts. And, she’s thinking about taking figuring skating classes soon. Her next career goal is to be an executive assistant at a video game company or film studio, which would combine many of her interests.