As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members and enjoy many more interviews to come. 

Riyanka Deo, Sr. Application Support Engineer

Almost 2 years at Ephesoft

Riyanka knew many years ago that she was passionate about numbers, computers and solving technical problems. So, it was no surprise that she was accepted into an engineering college in Mumbai, India. It also happened that was where she met her husband, who was in the same program. After graduation, she worked several years before joining her husband in California. Riyanka realized that she would get a much better job with a master’s degree, so she went to a nearby college, California Lutheran University, to get her Masters in Computer Science. 

Quickly, she got a job offer at Bank of the West in Application Support, which consisted of an IT department over 500 people. Although it was a great job, the company was relocating to Arizona, so she began her job search. 

Riyanka found a job posting at Ephesoft and was brought in for an interview with Ephesoft’s Director of Support. She immediately liked him and was pleasantly surprised when they met, he was dressed very casually! This was a surprise coming from the banking industry where most people wore suits. Ephesoft also offered to sponsor her getting a visa, which sealed the deal as an Application Support Engineer. It’s well known that the paperwork for companies who sponsor employees is cumbersome and takes a great deal of effort from human resources, so she was very appreciative. Eight weeks later, Riyanka had her visa and the company celebrated her with cake! 

“My first impression of the team was that everyone was really intelligent,” said Riyanka. “I was able to shadow my boss on calls, so I learned from the best.” After a few months of training, she was put on client and partner calls. “You have to be ready to take on challenges right away on the phone with customers,” she explained. Her entire team was very supportive, too. In fact, one teammate was working in Spain and would take the time to help answer questions as they came up, even when he was halfway around the world.  

“The best part of working for Ephesoft is its open-door policy. I can ask for help from anyone. It’s still a small enough company that I can build good relationships and learn from others. I didn’t have this in my previous jobs,” said Riyanka. She explained that there were also challenges in her role. “Sometimes I need to be creative to solve problems. Ephesoft is great for our customers, but sometimes they require solutions we haven’t yet built into the system. Navigating workarounds and documentation can be tricky.” Recently, after proving her expertise, she was promoted to her current title Sr. Application Support Engineer. 

Riyanka and her husband have a four-year-old son, who they adore. He is talkative, active and loves music and dancing to Bollywood tunes, so he keeps her very busy. She also loves gardening and has planted chilis, basil, mint, tomatoes and flowers. Riyanka tries to spend time outside and travels to India every year to see her family.