As Ephesoft continues to grow, employees are a critical part of who we are as a company and represent our values, brand and drive innovation. Get to know one of our team members in this employee spotlight and enjoy many more interviews to come.

Steve Lee, Vice President of Sales, APAC 

2.5 years at Ephesoft

The best way to join a company is being referred to the position from not one, but two friends and employees, which is what happened in Steve’s case. At this point in time, Ephesoft was looking to grow its Asia Pacific region with the uptick of interest and customers, especially in the financial services sector. After being interviewed by the CEO, the differentiated vision and modern approach to content capture was immediately appealing to him. 

“I saw the potential to grow the market and help customers automate their processes,” said Steve. He also noted that “from the beginning, the passion and vision from the top of the company was so clear. The collaboration from the entire organization leading towards a singular goal was at a level I had not come across anywhere else. This collaboration has been continuous and I believe our commitment and determination to be different and always find new ways to add value has made me passionate about the company.” 

Steve was first hired as a Director of Sales for Asia & India but was recently promoted to the Vice President role. As the leader of the region and based in Singapore, Steve travels throughout all of APAC, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand and India, along with other countries. He is involved in managing deals, overseeing and growing the team, working with partners and expanding growth in the region. However, his main focus is ensuring customers are happy and maximizing value from Ephesoft solutions. Steve noted that he has a great team and couldn’t be as productive without their hard work and collaboration. 

“It can be challenging managing so many different countries but I love it as I am constantly meeting people from all types of industries from so many different cultures and I am always learning so much.” Despite the many different cultures and viewpoints, Steve believes that fundamentally, every partner and client we work with is after the same thing – help to guide them through their journey to automation, productivity and advice based on our many years of previous projects and experiences. 

“My perspective has always been that once you onboard a new customer, that is when the journey actually starts. There is nothing better than working with organizations over a long period of time and seeing the successes they have and even new or unexpected ones that unfold,” explained Steve. 

Steve’s background had well-prepared him for his role at Ephesoft. He was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After getting his degree at the University of Technology in Sydney and with several jobs under his belt, he got the opportunity to move to Singapore when his job at Altiris was acquired by Symantec and got partner management experience. He also worked at Kofax in sales and business development, before moving onto another sales role at Cvent. 

Outside of work, Steve spends the majority of his time with his family where his kids keep him very busy. While he loves almost every type of sport, he has always been a football guy (soccer) which he has played and followed since he was 6 years old. His other favorite pastime is closely following the stock market and everything that’s happening in the world of business. His passion for business and sports is so integral in his life he always finds himself translating what he does now to parallels in almost every field. He finds himself following his mantra of trying to be the best you can be at your craft and always listen and learn from others as much as possible. However, be confident enough to do things your way and have your own style.