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Known Issue# 9915: DLF Mapping SharePoint 2013

Topic/Category: CMIS

Ephesoft version(s) Affected: 4030

Issue:  As of now we can export only one document level field per document. SharePoint is rejecting multiple Meta data attributes. Also document level field with multiple strings are creating problems while exporting to server.

Root Cause: Currently Unknown 


Currently Only one Field can be mapped:


1.Create Columns in Administrative Report Library. Select Site Contents from the gear icon on the upper right corner and then select Administrative Report Library











2. In the Create column window input the name of the new column along with the type of information the column will hold and press OK. By doing so a new column is added to the exported files within the subfolders. The column Meta data can be seen in the Administrative Report Library header.


3.  In the file files located in cmis-plugin-mapping folder within the batch class folder make the following configurations to export the Document level fields

                  DocumentName.DocumentLevelField = sampleColumnName (column created on SharePoint server)

For example: US-Invoice-Data.State=ephesoftStateColumn


4. Run the batch and the document level property can be seen exported along with file to the SharePoint server.



Updated 1/14/16
To export document level fields firstly make sure the columns (Meta data) are already created on the SharePoint server. Afterwards follow the given syntax for the export mappings in DLF-Attribute-mapping. Properties file

Content of file
Document_Name.Document_Level_Field 1= SharePoint_Column_Name1
Document_Name.Document_Level_Field 2= SharePoint_Column_Name2
1. In case the document level fields contain spaces use the escape character \ before inserting spaces
Document_Name.Document_Level_Field_Subpart1\ Document_Level_Field_Subpart2= …
For example a String like US-Invoice-Data.Invoice\ Date would refer to the Invoice Date field of document US-Invoice-Data.
2. In case the column name contains space, use the escape characters _x0020_.
Document_Name.Document_Level_Field = SharePoint_Column_Name_SubPart1_x0020_ SharePoint_Column_Name_SubPart2
For example a String like Part_x0020_Number would denote Part Number column name on SharePoint server.

Please refer the sample given below
US-Invoice-Data.Invoice\ Date=Invoice_x0020_Date
US-Invoice-Data.Invoice\ Total=Invoice_x0020_Total
US-Invoice-Data.Part\ Number=Part_x0020_Number