Export/Import areas within Ephesoft Transact


This article reviews the Import/Export of batch classes and other related areas in Ephesoft Transact. This functionality has the benefit of transferring the exact information of a batch class or related areas such as documents to another Ephesoft application running on a remote system which will save a lot of time needed to reconfigure the batch class to having exact processing ability on a remote system. It is also useful to take backups of your Ephesoft environment.

By exporting and importing an item, the user has the benefit of having the exact environment existing in a system on another one or on the same one at a different point in time or a different version of the same batch class. This will help enormously in backup management and for testing and debugging purposes.

Export/Import areas

The following areas can be exported and imported in your Ephesoft application. Follow the links for detailed instructions on how to export/import each specific area.