Recostar Design Studio


Ephesoft allows extraction of fixed form documents that contain zonal Barcode, OCR, ICR and OMR fields. Ephesoft makes it easy to configure fixed forms by following below easy steps:

  • Create and edit batch class.
  • Create and edit Document Type. Please note that fixed form processing naming convention does not allow spaces in the form (Document Type). Forms should not start with numeric values either.
  • Create/Edit Index fields. Please note that fixed form processing does not allow spaces in the field name. Fields should not start with numeric values.
  • Design a Recostar Project file .RSP.
  • Copy the RSP file into the batch class folder \\SharedFolders\{Batch Class}\recostar-extraction.
  • Assign RSP file to document type using Ephesoft Admin Module (Edit Document Type)

Recostar Design Studio

RecoStarDesignStudio.exe can be found in {Ephesoft- Home}\native\RecostarPlugin\RecoStarDesignStudio in default configuration. This tool allows the Ephesoft admin to define the zonal areas for OCR, ICR or OMR field extraction.

Steps of Execution

Please follow the steps listed below. The tax return form called BOE is used here. The same techniques can be applied to any fixed forms application.

The sample files covered here can be downloaded.

  • Batch Class
    1. Create or edit an existing batch class. For more information, refer to the tutorials and classes on the Ephesoft documentation website and the Ephesoft YouTube channel.
    2. Create a Document Type called BOE.
    3. Create the following index fields. No extraction needs to be set up.
      • Year
      • Account Number
  • Recostar Project File definition
  • Launch RecoStarDesignStudio.exe


  • Select New Project


  • Select Single Form


  • Give a name and select a project location. In this example, BOE is used as a project name and project is saved at C:\Fixed Form Projects folder. Users can save them to any location. Later, the application will move these files to the batch class folder.


  •  Add Project Name as BOE as shown in the following image.


  •  Select sample images so that zones can be drawn.


  • Right-click on the image area. Select the desired images by clicking Add Files


  • In this example, one image has been selected.


  • Once the image is selected, click Next.


  • In this step, select the country in which the user is operating. Multiple countries can be selected. Once user selects USA, which is the default country, the menu option () appears, and the user can select more countries.


  • Project file can now be created with one form and one ICR field. Click Finish to proceed.


  • Initial Project has been created.


  • Rename the form to the document type called BEO. This has to match with the document type in Ephesoft Admin module.


  • Rename index field to Year.


  • Rearrange zone


  • The field is now renamed to Year


  • Zoom into the image


  • After zooming in, arrange the zone so it covers only the value 2006


  • Add Remove Lines options


  • Remove Lines option is added


  • Add new field called Account Number


  • New field has been added


  • Zoom into the new field


  • Adjust field Location/Zone


  • Set field properties i.e. Font should be Machine Type.


  • Run selected images to see the results


  • Copy the RSP file into the batch class folder, <Ephesoft-Shared-Folder>{Batch Class}\fixed-form-extraction. When you copy a RSP file into your batch class, you need to copy it into the folder that is specific to the document type.
  • Log in to Batch Class Management and open your batch class. Expand your document type and navigate into the Fixed Form Extraction area. Map the page number to be processed by the RSP file with the name of the RSP file and apply your changes.


  • Save the batch class and execute batches of configured document through the Ephesoft server.