Support for image enhancement features like despeckle, line removal in Nuance

New enhancement features line removal have been added in Nuance to produce better OCR results.



1.       Since the image enhancements like deskew, etc. is being done in Page Process module in case of Recostar, therefore image enhancement is done in Page Process module only in case of Nuance as well.

Despeckling is done by default in pre-processing of image by Nuance. Despeckling means detecting and removing halftone or dithering type noises.

Line removal means removing lines. If this feature is enable, then before HOCRing horizontal and vertical rule lines are removed.

Line removal is governed from a switch on UI side as auto rotate is governed by switch ‘Nuance Auto Rotate/ deskew Switch’. This will be specific with respect to Batch Class. Please find the screenshot below: