Read Only Document Level Fields


When a batch class owner needs to extract a document level field but do not want to change its extracted value at validation stage and also do not want to allow any user (review /validation user) to change its value, then the owner can make that field ‘read-only’.

  • By making a field read-only, batch class admin can restrict its value to be non-modifiable at any stage.
  • When a field is set as read-only, no regular expression can be applied for that field. KV-Extraction and advanced KV-Extraction rules can be applied to the read-only fields as it can be done for any regular field.
  • This feature is useful for those document level fields which do not require user intervention at validation stage. Fields whose values are so obvious and do not need to be changed.

Setting the read-only flag

User can make a field as read-only by selecting the checkbox ‘isReadonly’ which is displayed on editing a document level field as shown in screenshot below:




After selecting the read-only attribute, the selected fields will be non-editable in review Validate screen as shown in screenshot below(Invoice Date and State was non-editable):