The latest Ephesoft patch installer can be downloaded at: Download no longer available

  • New Feature: Recostar native has been updated to Recostar v 7.2 which has better error handling and performance optimizations.
  • Feature Enhancement: Document Assembly algorithm has been optimized to yield correct page ordering even in case of difference in window explorer and java sorting algorithm.
  • Feature Enhancement: BatchLocalPath in result batch xml of OCR extraction web service now points to web service execution folder.
  • Feature Enhancement: ocrClassifyExtract web service now use plugin configurations from input batch class to perform OCR on input images.
  • Feature Enhancement: Extraction scripting plugin if enabled in batch class can be used to perform extraction using ocrClassifyExtract web service.
  • Feature Enhancement: Always on feature now allows restart of multiple batches in parallel during failover switch. It also validates the state of batch before restarting.
  • Feature Enhancement: Default IE 8 compatibility mode setting has been removed to prevent incompatibility across different browsers.
  • Feature Enhancement: Ephesoft server now starts despite of presence of stuck batches in RESTART_IN_PROGRESS state for deleted batch class.
  • Fix For Problem: uploadDocumentForLearning web service has been enhanced to work on page type.
  • Fix For Problem: Duplicate PDF files don’t get exported on CMIS server during CMIS Export.
  • Fix For Problem: Now CMIS import settings remain intact in source batch class while copying the batch class.
  • Fix For Problem: In case of upgrade now installer does not reset custom changes in table schema.
  • Fix For Problem: Default value for END_TIME in reporting database is now set to null value instead of default date if end time is not populated.
  • Fix For Problem: Fit to page now works on web scanner.


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