Ephesoft Release Notes

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Release Notes:

1. Retain sorting information in cookies for Batch Instance Management and Batch List Screen.
2. Validation tab to get opened by default if there are no batches in Review, Review tab to get opened by default if there are no batches in Validation or if there are batches in both Review and Validation.
3. Review Validate tab title should display either Review or Validate.
4. Web Service API to submit a batch instance and get back the Batch Instance Id.
5. Display Page Id’s in the Review, Validation and Web Scanner screen thumbnail view.
6. Collapse the Web Scanner leftmost panel on the basis of configuration in the property file. The panel should be collapsed by default.
7. Files in Shared Folders should not be allowed to be downloaded directly.
8. Turn the Deploy button red in case user is required to deploy the workflow changes.
9. On the Validation Table view, highlight all the extracted columns of a row in case the checkbox is checked.
10. Move the Setting.sts file for Nuance at the Batch Class level.
11. Job to delete the finished and deleted batches from the database if reporting has been executed on them.
12. Webscanner: Add a “forward” and “back page” shortcut to go through the Preview of Scanned Pages.
13. Use Adv. Key Value screen vs. simple kv extraction in KV page Process plugin
14. Incorporate GraphicsMagick with as a separate option (along with imagemagick) for file conversion.
15. Ability to disable KV Extraction Rules.
16. Ability to delete a document or multiple documents in Validation.
17. Sticky field feature at Index Fields level.
18. Ability to create new batch class that should copy BC1 by default.
19. Support variables similar to COPY_BATCH_XML in CMIS export.
20. Given the same aspect ratio of images but different resolutions, the ephesoft system should have built in mathematics to automatically deal with differing resolutions of the same image and be able to successfully handle KV extraction.
21. Batch Instance ID to be passed through on the workflow error email template.
22. Shortcut to close a batch on RV screen and confirm all navigation changes from the batch with the help of confirmation popup.
23. Switch to generate plugin level batch xmls
24. Always on feature for ETL, Logi Info and Batch class management PPM charts
25. Retain filters in batch instance management/batch list/etc
26. Being able Delete New Status batches
27. Internationalization of embedded logiinfo report contents
28. Performance enhancements in ETL
29. Feature to show limited number of alternate values for fields to prevent large size xmls causing slowness on Validation screen
30. Addition of workflow start time in batch instance table
31. Allow Fuzzy DB and DB Export to configure for Database Schema other than “dbo” for MSSQL.
32. No two users with same username should be allowed to login into Web Scanner.
33. As an administrator, I want to view the Ephesoft script logging when executing scripts so that I am aware of the operations taking place while script execution.
34. As an administrator, I do not want to see the F1 key in the Shortcut key column in the Function Key Mapping screen so that F1 does function key does not conflict with the browser shortcuts and cause conflicts.
35. As an administrator/operator, I want to view the column width of the Batch Name column set to optimum number of characters on Batch Instance Management and Batch List screen so that I can view most of the batch names fully without re sizing the column.
36. As an administrator, I want to install Ephesoft without any restriction on the database Password so that there are no conflicts with the external DB server policies.
37. As an administrator, when I install the Ephesoft application, open-office.properties should set the references to localhost instead of the computer name so that the file can be copied over to another server without changes.
38. As an administrator, I should be able to configure the text to be displayed for document in Document type drop down present in the middle panel in Review/Validation screen so that it is consistent in left panel and drop down.
39. Tomcat changes to support more concurrent users in Web Scanner.
40. Ticket [#EPHE-9251]: Change default values of user connectivity props file and add comments for easier AD configuration for new installation.
41. Deadlock issues due to heartbeat configurations in multi server environments.
42. NMI Reporting Schema Enhancements.
43. Bring back MySQL Support in Ephesoft Installer.
44. Ordering of the priority should be kept in the Batch List screen graph.
45. Batch Instance Error cause should get displayed in the BIM bottom panel at all times.
46. Ability to delete *.bd files after use from Learning to save hard drive space.
47. Field value option list enhancement.
48. Code enhancement for faster import of PDFs and their breakup into tiffs.
49. Add Additional Settings column in the Index Field Listing screen.
50. Application will show KV extraction plugin selected by default in Test Extraction UI.
51. Usability enhancement on the button positioning on KV Extraction Screen and all other screens in the application.
52. Feature to display a combo-box listing all the categories used for index fields in the document type.
53. Restrict on UI special characters in DocType Name.
54. Ask user whether to override or make a copy while importing document type/index field with same name.
55. Pagination dropdown on Pagination Bar
56. Fuzzy DB popup on RV screen should not show any extra space in case of lesser number of columns
57. Adding X-offset and Y-offset on KV Extraction Rule defination and KVPP rule defination screen.
58. Feature to eliminate the unused alternatives for computed table combinations
59. Blank screen and Document Mode behavior in IE9 browser; “page fit” does not work
60. Active Directory configuration in server.xml is lost.
61. As an administrator, I should be able to successfully upgrade through installer and preserve the configured port settings and database permissions so that I can have a hassle free upgrade and don’t have to reconfigure the port/database settings.
62. With administrative installation, file permissions are not automatically set correctly for active directory so that ephesoft doesn’t start properly.
63. Ephesoft should not pick up emails from mail server if the email configuration has been disabled.
64. Support for Windows Server 2012 R2.
65. Retain the priority of the existing batch class while overriding the batch class.