Release Notes

Module Feature
Installer Enhancement: All the MAC Addresses of the physical machine would get added in the Details.properties file(Path: Ephesoft\Dependencies\licensing\) while installation.

In 4040, only the live MAC Address used to get added.

Enhancement: Changes have been done to handle upgrade scenario gracefully for server.xml (e.g. port settings, user connectivity settings, connectors)
Batch Class Management New Feature: User can configure the maximum time application would take in retrying to take the backup of Batch XML. This setting can be configured in the dcma-backup-service.properties file(Path: Ephesoft\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-util\).

In 4030, user could not make any timeout setting if the application was not able to take the backup of the batch XML and kept on retrying.

Enhancement: User can either override or create a second copy of the existing Document Type if the document type/index field is imported in the application with the same name.

User can import document type/index field in the application. There may be a case when the user is importing a document type/index field with a name which is already existing in the Batch Class. In this case the user will have two option on the UI:

1. Override the existing document type/index field with the new settings

2. Make a copy of the existing document type/index field name and import the new settings in it

In 4040, user was only able to import the document type/index field of same name by creating a copy. There was no option to override the existing document type/index field settings.

New Feature: User can set the index field to Force Review with Force Review and Force Review(Alternate Values) checkbox on the UI under Additional Configuration in index field listing screen.

Force Review functionality allows the user to set the index field for forced review by the operator in Validation. The corresponding index field will appear Red for the first time to the operator.

1. If the index field is configured for ‘Force Review’, the index field will always be red for the first time and must be reviewed by the operator.

2. If the index field is configured for ‘Force Review(Alternate Values)’, the index field will be red only if there is an alternate value extracted has same confidence as the main value of the index field.

In 4040, user could only configure the index field for Force Review for Alternate Values. It was labelled as Alternate Values on the UI.

Enhancement: Tool-tip has been introduced in the Batch Class Navigation Tree to view the Batch Class name in case the name is too long.

In 4040, user could not view the full name of the Batch Class in the tree when the name was long.

Enhancement: User can view the index fields sorted by field order by default. If the user imports new index fields or add a new index field in between the list, the filed order would be maintained by the application. For example if DOC A had index fields IF1, IF2, IF3 with field orders 1, 2 and 3 respectively. If another set of index fields is being imported in DOC A having field orders 6, 7 and 8, then then index fields should be assigned the order 4, 5 and 6 respectively. In this way the field orders of the imported index fields would get maintained.

In 4040, the field order of the imported index fields was not maintained by the application automatically.

Enhancement: Validate Regex button is turned to pink, whenever there is any changes made to the columns , containing regex pattern.

Before Applying the changes to the database, explicit validation of regex patterns is required.

Enhancement: Default Batch Class BC3 (Grid Computing Template) has been disabled and made un-editable on the UI as Grid Computing feature is not supported from v4.x.

In 4040, BC3 was editable and the Apply and Deploy buttons on opening the Batch Class were Red in color. Grid Computing functionality was not working in BC3.

Enhancement: User can see the corresponding page on opening a Key Value Extraction rule on which the key value overlays were drawn.

In 4040, user could see the first image of the file by default on opening a Key Value Extraction rule even when the overlays were drawn on the nth page.

Email New Feature: Itext and Wkhtml can be used for email body(.html file) conversion to pdf instead of Open Office during Email Import. User can configure in the mail-import.properties file(Path: Ephesoft\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-mail-import\) whether to use Itext or Wkhtml for file conversion.

In 4040, the html to pdf file conversion was done using OpenOffice only in email import.

FuzzyDB Enhancement: User can configure whether the Fuzzy Search Box should get displayed on the Validation screen UI or not with the help of ‘Fuzzy Search Switch’ in VALIDATE_DOCUMENT plugin. Fuzzy Search text box will not appear on the Validation UI if the switch has been set to NO and vice versa.

In 4040, Fuzzy Search Box always gets displayed on the Validation UI irrespective of what the configuration has been done.

Theme Enhancement: Ability to configure the theme of the application fully through the CSS files so that there is full support of Grey Theme.

In 4040, some of the UI widgets appear in blue even when the theme changes has been done in the Theme file.

Batch Processing Enhancement: Application will Sync the resume services running on multiple servers to avoid the case of multiple servers resuming the same batch instance due to which the batch goes to ERROR state.

In 4040, it was observed for large batches that there may be a case while resources are being deleted another server could simultaneously start work on the same batch since the state is not changed till then.

New Feature: Application will Auto restart batches that went into ERROR due to network glitches. These batches will temporarily move to ‘Waiting to restart’ status and upon auto restart the batch will move to Ready and then Running state.

In 4040, user had to manually restart the batches which went into ERROR state due to network problems.

New Feature: Application will use Recostar thread Pool at the time of Export_TIFF_TO_PDF process of a batch instance. Priority Queue Algorithm has been introduced to hold tasks in waiting for thread pool to execute. Priority of Export_Tiff_to_PDF task will be higher than other task like OCRing, Extraction, and Import_PDF_to_TIFF to avoid starvation of Export_Tiff_to_PDF task(so that the Batches can be quickly sent to Finished State).

In 4040, application does not use Recostar thread Pool at the time of Export_TIFF_TO_PDF process. Due to this Ephesoft System spawns multiple requests to Recostar to Export_TIF_TO_PDF. For example: if there are 1000 batches which move to Export_TIFF_TO_PDF state, Ephesoft System will spawn 1000 request to Recostar immediately once it move to this state due to which Recostar gets stuck.

New Feature: Graceful handling of No OCR of pages by Recostar or Nuance. Application will generate an empty HOCR in case there is a Recostar / Nuance fails to generate HOCR content for a particular page instead of sending complete batch into error.

Operator will now have an opportunity to Review/Validate a batch. In case a page has a blank HOCR, operator will be shown an info message on UI Screen indicating the same.

Some of the example scenarios where the empty HOCR will be inserted are:

– Process timeout of OCR engine

– Corrupted input image for which OCR engine is not able to create HOCR content

Enhancement: Application code has been optimized for reduction in DB lookups; helping in reduction of batches going into error because of DB deadlocks. This shall help improve performance across all DBs.

Page locks have been removed from SQL Server and ReadCommit Snapshot has been switches on specifically in SQL Server to reduce deadlocks further.

Transaction retry mechanism has also been introduced to reduce number of batches going into error because od low level DB deadlocks.

Regular maintenance activity should be performed on DB as per the recommendation at:


Batch List Enhancement: User can open the batches locked by the same user through Batch List screen.

In 4040, locked batches cannot be open through Batch List screen even when locked by the same user.

New Feature: User can refresh the grid on Batch Instance Management and Batch List screen with the help of keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Q) so that the updated information can be viewed on the press of shortcut easily.

In 4040, there was no shortcut present and the user had to click on the refresh icon.

Review Validate Enhancement: Application will not mark the Read only index fields on Validation screen as invalid if the user changes document type during validation phase.

In 4040, application was marking the Read Only fields as invalid on document type change. User cannot alter the values of read only fields and the batch could not be proceeded in the workflow.

Enhancement: Application will maintain different filters on Review and Validation tabs on Batch List screen.

In 4040, filters applied by the user on Review tab was getting set for the Validation tab and vice versa.

Web Scanner New Feature: User can perform Client side scripting on Web Scanner and Upload Batch screens. Three new methods have been added to the utility.js file (Path: Ephesoft/Application/) for the following required functionalities:

1. Pre-populate user configured Batch Class in Batch Class drop down

2. Pre-populate user configured Batch Field values in the Batch Field popup

3. Set different values in user configured batch class fields as per one value of Batch Class Field

In 4040, there was no provision of client side scripting in Web Scanner and Upload Batch screens.

Enhancement: User can Insert multiple pages in between through the Insert functionality in Web Scanner screen.

In 4040, user could insert only one page at a time through Web scanner.

Enhancement: Automatic adjustment of the Batch Class Field drop down on the UI as per the longest entry in the drop down.

In 4040, user could not view the full name in case of long Batch Class fields values.

Enhancement: Optimization has been done in UI for handling large page load. This should help keep the browser responsive even if large number of images are scanned (i.e. in tune of 500 images).
Reporting Enhancement: While copying the batch xml files in the report data folder, two asynchronous retries are made by the application to copy the file if the batch xml file is not copied successfully at first time.

In 4040, there was no retry mechanism in place if the batch xml files did not get copied successfully in the report data folder.

Enhancement: Improvements have been done in reporting module to process large number of processed batches.

Some of the changes to increase stability and performance while maintaining low memory footprint are:

– Standard & Dashboard crons been merged.

– PPM calculation in module throughput report relies in final batch XML (to find page count)

– Cleanup been refactored

– Rework on intermediate tables

Security Enhancement: Apache has been upgrade to 7.0.68 to handle some of the vulnerabilities in previous versions
Enhancement: Application now supports use of encrypted passwords for directory service (MS AD, LDAP).
Others Few Bug fixes have also been done as part of the release.