Test Extraction – and Above

Test Extraction

Test extraction enables the user to test the extraction results without running the entire batch. By running the test extraction the user can evaluate the result for the particular input at the same time verify which kind of extraction is best suited for the particular document type.


Existing Functionality – Version

There is no workflow based process for testing the extraction results. User has to manually select the Classification Type and Extraction Plugins. The extraction results also were not correct most of the time.

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New Functionality – Version and Above

A Workflow Switch is provided to test the extraction results for an input document before executing the batches.

If the workflow switch is set to ON, then ‘Classification Types’ list box and ‘Extraction Plugins’ multi-select list-box will be disabled and the results will be generated as per the batch class configuration. The classification type will be picked as configured in Document Assembler plugin.

If the workflow switch is set to OFF, then the results will be generated based on the manual selection for ‘Classification Types’ and ‘Extraction Plugins’. The required plugin properties for extraction will be picked as per the configurations in the batch class. Please note that the extraction plugin multi-select list box will contain only those plugins that are being configured in the batch class i.e. active plugins for the selected batch class.

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By clicking the Extract button, extraction will be performed on the input document and the result is generated. If no extraction result is returned no values extracted message is displayed on the screen.

By clicking the download button, the extracted results XML file will be available for download. The schema of the downloaded XML file will be similar to batch.xml produced while running the batch. However the batch has empty batch instance identifier fields.

By clicking the clear button, the extraction results and the XML files will be cleared and enables the user to perform other extraction on the input document

Apart from these, the user may click on the close button to close the Test Extraction screen.


The extraction plugin results are shown as:

ExtractedDLF, with pageID and page level name, document level fields, extracted values, type of extraction and the confidence with which the value is extracted are displayed .

The DLFs are displayed sorted by their Field Order number.

In case of table extraction, the data is populated under the DataTable section under the classified document

If no value is extracted from the input document, no ExtractDLF will appear.