Updates and Downloads – Ephesoft v4.0.5.2 for v4.0.5.x (Windows)



  • PDF Compression enhancement: A compression switch now governs the final output PDF file. The compression of output pdf file can be controlled by a switch ‘Compression switch’ {values ON, OFF} in the CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES plugin. The compression factor is controlled by the property ‘Compression Factor’ {values 0.25f, 0.50f and .75f}. The compression factors does not necessarily decrease the export file size by half if we choose the compression factor as 0.50, it compresses the contained images by the defined factor (Compression Factor). So, maximum compression happens on selection of 0.25 compression factor and least for 0.75 compression factor.
  • Image Processing optimizations: Batches of 1700+ page can now be processed with both *autorotate* and *deskew* features turned on. The issue was occuring due to the plugin not able to execute completely within the workflow engine’s default 2 hours. Now, the workflow engine’s default 2 hours time has been made configurable so that it could be configured for exceptional cases where the plugin is not able to finish within that time. A new property has been added in \Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-workflows\dcma-workflows.properties as ‘activity.restart.time’ with default value of 120 minutes. The time is entered in minutes for this property.
  • Performance increase on high definition multipage tiff images bigger than 15MB. LibTiff utility has been added to break MultiPage Tiff Files to Single Page utility with high efficiency. To enable conversion using LibTiff, a switch named as “Optimized Tiff Conversion Switch” has been added to “IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES” plugin. This switch comprises of two values {OFF, ON}. If switch value is selected as ON then MultiPage tiff will be converted to single page tiff using LibTiff.
  • Code optimization:
    • There was an issue with copy document type functionality. While copying a document type with table mapping in DB export, an error was generated.OCR word ordering incorrect The issue was occurring due to some words being associated with wrong row of data.
    • CMIS The CMIS Root Folder Name has a constraint that doesn’t allow special characters such as a colon anymore in v4050.
    • Batch Instances are showing Invalid When Should Be Valid Table incorrectly showing valid row as invalid. The issue is due to the way value’s precision levels are handled in the system for table extraction.
    • FuzzyDB open files issue on Linux Fuzzy DB is not releasing its files handles when re-learning the database.
    • issue with FuzzyDB Oracle Views Problem while fuzzy db mapping with the oracle view where it was not able to fetch the columns of the view.

Important: Ephesoft always recommends that all customers create a regular backup schedule for their Ephesoft servers. By doing this they will minimize the impact of existing issues and they can take advantage of improvments, giving them the maximum performance Ephesoft has to offer. Please make sure review this recommendation with your customers or responsible IT Staff.