Updates and Downloads – Ephesoft v4.0.5.4 for v4.0.5.0 Linux

Download for: – Windows – Linux


Release Notes:

  • Fixed – Customer reported an issue where itext is creating extremely large PDF files.
  • Fixed – There was an issue with copy document type functionality. While copying a document type with table mapping in DB export, an error was generated.
  • Fixed – There was an issue with the way words from HOCR.xml get sorted into rows and columns and even though original image is quite clean and high quality, Recostar is identifying words whose coordinates are not completely uniform. This causes them to be classified into wrong rows. For example, the date string ’24 Aug 2014′ where if ‘2014’ coordinates are not uniform with ’24 Aug’, then the OCR output might come out as ‘2014 24 Aug’.
  • Fixed – The CMIS Root Folder Name has a constraint that doesn’t allow special characters such as a colon anymore in v4050.
  • Fixed – Slow performance is observed in case we have multipage tiff file with high resolution images and its size of more than 15 MB.
  • Fixed – Batches became stuck in a RUNNING state without being updated. One or more of the stuck, RUNNING batches were very large with 1700+ pages. The batch class configuration enabled both “autorotate” and “deskew” features.
  • Fixed – Table incorrectly showing valid row as invalid. The issue is due to the way value’s precision levels are handled in the system for table extraction.
  • Fixed – Fuzzy DB is not releasing its files handles when re-learning the database.
  • Fixed – Problem while fuzzy db mapping with the oracle view where it was not able to fetch the columns of the view.
  • Fixed – This was an OpenOffice issue where it was getting stuck for customer specific html files.
  • Fixed – In some cases, database-update folder was getting copied to incorrect directory during v4052 installation. Also, Environment variable for newly introduced LibTiff was not getting automatically set since the Ephesoft Enterprise service was not getting reinstalled during v4052 installation.
  • Fixed – The latest versions of ImageMagick doesn’t properly filter the file names that get passed to the internal delegates that handle external protocols (like HTTPS). This allows an attacker to execute his own commands remotely by uploading an image. This leads to a full RCE (remote command execution) vulnerability in your image uploader.
  • Fixed – Checkbox validation not working properly on Validation screen.
  • Fixed – For webscanner, in firefox version 47.0 and above, ‘Unable to perform action.: INITIALIZE’ pop-up appears frequently.
  • Fixed – There is webscanner security vulnerability where service can be accessed without authentication.
  • Fixed – Open office service not able to initalize properly and no txt files were able to process by open office.
  • Fixed – Download of inline attachments in email are not dependent on the dcma.mail.import.mail_body_download_flag and always get downloaded irrespective of the flag.


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Important: Ephesoft always recommends that all customers create a regular backup schedule for their Ephesoft servers. By doing this they will minimize the impact of existing issues and they can take advantage of improvments, giving them the maximum performance Ephesoft has to offer. Please make sure review this recommendation with your customers or responsible IT Staff.