Updates and Downloads – v4.0.3.1 for v4.0.3.0 Linux

Download Patch installer here: 4031

Release Notes:

1 Optimizations have been made such that Hidden/Read Only fields are picked up from database by default, however if script adds a Hidden/Read Only tag then same would be given preference
2 Field value option list are now read from Batch XML and alternative values are not shown in case Field value Option list is used
3 Delete option is now available to user while inserting pages from Review Validation screen
4 No batch class will be selected by default on Web Scanner and Upload Batch screen for first time, Auto Select Batch class switch will govern whether batch class selection should be persisted in user session or not
5 Optimizations have been made to CMIS export to avoid extra slash in export path
6 Retry timeout for creation of backup Batch XML has been made configurable from dcma-backup-service.properties
7 Memory optimizations have been made to Recostar native to prevent crashes with huge files
8 Optimizations have been made to rectify the property label for PDF Creation Parameters in CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES Plugin
9 Optimizations have been made to prevent import failure due to null pointer exception from occurring during import after log level is changed to INFO from ERROR
10 Reset button on Fuzzy DB Mapping now resets the connection and Fuzzy DB mappings
11 Recostar now supports pound (€) currency symbol
12 Optimizations have been made to avoid long application startup time due to heart beat checks
13 Batch Class Field popup has been made resizable to prevent truncation of characters from Batch Class Field names
14 Performance/speed optimizations have been made for client side scanning
15 Changes in Fuzzy DB/ DB Export connection are now propagated without server restart upon any changes in configuration
16 CMIS Version property is now available in CMIS Export plugin after upgrade
17 ZIP, HTML, ODF, SXW, PSD, SXC, SXD, SXI and WPD file format can now be directly imported through UNC and Upload Batch
18 UseDAGeneratedDocument option has been made default option for DA File Name Boundary Classification property in Document Assembler
19 Optimizations have been made to prevent null _BUSINESS_KEY which further prevents reporting exceptions
20 Default Scanner profile can not be Deleted/Edited from UI, user can instead make an editable copy of default scanner profile
21 Varchar(max) support has been added for Fuzzy DB mappings
22 User will now be able to select multiple documents even during scroll on Review Validation Screen
23 Web Scanner UI alerts user in case user session is no longer available
24 Document List on Review Validation screen now shows current selected document and its scroll position is not reset
25 Auto Refresh functionality will now be governed by configurable property by default. In case user changes the option from Web Scanner UI then same setting will be given preference for the session.
26 Optimizations have been made prevent creation of huge resolution TIFF files while PDF to TIFF conversion
27 Optimizations have been made to prevent changes to accessibility of Hidden/Read Only fields upon Document split
28 Optimizations have been made to support Oracle DB connection using Fuzzy DB
29 Optimizations have been made to CMIS Export such that file size is transmitted for each document at time of upload to avoid failure
30 Recostar now supports computation of very small skew angle in image
31 Optimizations have been made to prevent UI lock on Web Scanner page during drag and drop operation
32 Role names greater than 8 character are shown as ellipses on Batch Class Management Screen
33 Domain name has been made optional in Email Import configuration for IMAP protocol
34 Optimizations have been made to support both Upper/Lower case MAC address in license
35 Table rows are not removed for required columns in case extracted values do not adhere to validation pattern for non empty values
36 CMIS Export has been optimized to support Boolean property values in Ephesoft
37 Custom Columns are now displayed on Batch List screen
38 Ephesoft Reporting module now supports MS SQL Always feature for Connectivity