Advanced Web Scanner: ERROR: Batch Contains All Non-Supported Files


Files scanned by the Advanced Web Scanner never get transferred to Ephesoft.

Error Stack Trace:

Caused by: com.ephesoft.dcma.core.exception.DCMAApplicationException: Batch Contains all Non-supported File. So, Throwing BI3F9 into ERROR.
at com.ephesoft.dcma.imp.FolderImporter.deleteInvalidOfficeFiles(
at com.ephesoft.dcma.imp.service.ImportServiceImpl.importMultiPage(

Root Cause

Certificates are not installed on the Web Scanner Client machine, due to which the client machine is not able to communicate with the Ephesoft Server. This causes the files to never get transferred to Ephesoft Server. Since files do not get transferred, an empty batch instance folder gets created which throws the error message “Batch contains all Non Supported files error”


Install valid certs on the Web Scanner client machine. Refer to Configuring the Advanced Web Scanner over HTTPS for steps.