KB0022056: Advanced Web Scanner Throwing Error that Twain is not Available

When attempting to use the Advanced Web Scanner service in conjunction with Ephesoft, you may receive a report from the scanner operators that they are not able to successfully upload a scan job. When the scanner operators start a scan job, they may see the UI freeze without adding any of the pages.

If you take a look at a user’s Web Scanner logs (found on the user workstation typically at C:\Program Files (x86)\EphesoftScannerService\logs), you may see the following:


2018-04-20 11:06:10 – Scanner WIA-KODAK i940 Scanner is not connected please connect the scanner and restart the Ephesoft Scanner Service.
2018-04-20 11:06:10 – Twain is not available


For scenarios like this, please check the manufacturer’s website for the scanner model and confirm that the latest Twain drivers are installed on the user workstation. If they are not or you are unsure, please download the latest driver version available and install on the client machine. Updating the Twain drivers should resolve this error.