This plug-in performs the functionality populating the field type value when barcode type is specified. When the plug-in switch is ON then the barcode value extracted is saved as the value for the field type. If the switch is OFF for the plug-in then it doesn’t perform any operation and field is not populated.


Steps for configuring the plugin

  1. User can select the batch class module and navigate to barcode extraction plug-in configuration page as shown below:




The User can edit the above settings by clicking on “Edit” in order to change the settings as per the requirement.

Configurable properties

Following are the configurable properties available for the Barcode Extraction plugin:


[table caption=”” width=”800″ colwidth=”20|120|100″ colalign=”center|center|left|left”]
Configurable property,Type of~~value,Value options,Description
Barcode Extraction Switch,List of~~values,ON~~OFF,Switch to decide whether or not to perform barcode extraction.~~Default ON.
Barcode Extraction Maximum Confidence,Integer,0-100,The maximum confidence value that is used for extraction.
Barcode Extraction Minimum Confidence,Integer,0-100,The minimum confidence value that is used for extraction.
Barcode Extraction Reader Types,Multi select,1. CODE39 ~~2. QR~~3.DATAMATRIX~~4. CODE128~~5. CODE93~~6. ITF~~7. CODABAR~~8. PDF417~~9. EAN13,”All the barcode extraction types that is present. Following list of preset barcode extraction types are present: – CODE39, QR, DATAMATRIX, CODE128, CODE93, ITF, CODABAR, PDF417 AND EAN13.”
Barcode Extraction Valid Extension,Multi select,1. Tiff~~2. gif,This value determines supported image extension.



Steps of execution

  1. Plug-in uses the type of barcode specified in the field type listings. While creating the field type user can enter the type of barcode that has to be used for classification. This is shown in the following screen shot:-




  1.  While executing, if there is any barcode present on the document, then the value extracted from the document for barcode is used to populate the value of the document level field.
  2. If there is no barcode given then it will not set the value for document level field.


  1. There must be document level field present and barcode type must be selected in the field type configuration.
  2. Files must have correct extensions i.e. only extensions which have been configured.


Following are few common error messages seen due to mal-functioning of the plugin:


[table caption=”” width=”800″ colwidth=”20|120|100″ colalign=”center|center|left|left”]
S. No.,Error message,Possible root cause
1,No valid extensions are specified in resources.,There are no values selected for valid extensions.
2,File has invalid extension.,If the files present have extension other that the given valid extension. For example if valid extension given is “gif” and document being processed is “tif”.